Wooden or plastic comb: Find out which one suits your hair better

While we all want thick and shiny hair, we end up missing certain hair care habits that can help our mane in the long run. For the same, except for hair-friendly use shampoos, conditioners, and serums, attention should also be paid to their combs. Therefore, it is generally believed that you should replace your plastic combs wooden ones.

Dermatologist Aanchal Panth, who weighed in on various claims about the effectiveness of wooden combs, wrote on Instagram: “Wooden ridges they tend to reduce static electricity and may slightly reduce frizz.”

However, these combs are not made for everyone. The expert added that those with “very oily scalps, thick dandruffand scalp infections’ should not use them because ‘wooden combs are porous and can trap oils, bacteria and fungus’.

Dr. Debunking some myths, Panth said that wooden combs do not improve hair loss, improve blood circulation to the scalp or reduce dandruff – as is commonly believed. However, the “biggest advantage” is that “wooden combs are biodegradable and environmentally friendly“.

She suggested keeping the following precautions in mind:

*Wooden combs need thorough cleaning after each use hair washing.
*When bathing, clean it with shampoo or soap and water. It is a good practice to clean the comb as often as you shampoo your hair.
* Comb when the hair is wet. Not wet. When your hair is about 70 percent dry, you want to brush it.
*If you have curly hair, you can also comb it through wet hair.
*You must comb your hair after a bath to make sure it is not tangled. After that, it depends on the texture and style of your hair and how often you want to brush it.
*Combing once a day is enough.
*It is a myth that repeated combing improves hair quality or improves blood circulation to the scalp.

The dermatologist concluded that wooden combs are a good choice if you have curly hair. But don’t expect it to change the quality or texture of your hair. “Wooden combs need proper cleaning and frequent washing to prevent grease build-up. A wooden comb does not reduce hair loss. Wooden combs are much better for the environment than the plastic alternative,” she said.

Dr Trupti D Agarwal, consultant dermatologist and trichologist at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, emphasized that wooden combs are “better” than plastic ones, saying they “cause less breakage, reduce scalp trauma and strengthen blood flow“. She added: “It improves hair quality, increases natural sebum production, reduces scalp dryness and itchiness and helps you feel calmer.”

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