Tips for maintaining your health while enjoying the buffet

The holiday and wedding season is all about getting together with friends and family. And every meeting, no matter what the occasion buffet with a variety of foods. From Chinese and Italian to traditional indian food — one finds oneself indulging in a number of cuisines at such events. “There are several foods and drinks available that can sometimes seem more than enough to satisfy our taste buds,” wrote nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor.

While this variety of food is appealing to our eyes and taste buds, an expert warned that it could be harmful to our health. “As a result, it’s important to make informed and healthy choices at these buffets.”

She suggested that she not be overwhelmed by several types foods available and avoid filling the plates with everything. “To enjoy such events, it is necessary to make wise decisions,” she added.

Here are some Kapoor-suggested guidelines to keep in mind to make smart choices at the buffet.

*She suggested no tracking each meal. “It’s probably going to cause you more stress trying to keep track of it,” she said.

*You can simply enjoy foods for their taste, said a nutritionist.

*Don’t eat it all because it’s in front of you. “If you didn’t usually eat.” croissants and donuts at breakfast, you don’t have to just because they’re there.’

*Include protein-rich foods to slow down digestion and promote your health.

*She suggested eating food slowly and savoring its flavors. “Stop and check in with hunger signals. Put the knife and fork down between bites,” she said.

“Eat slowly so your brain recognizes when it is full rather than stuffed. Also, be judicious with your meal choices by avoiding having a bit of everything and instead go for the healthy foods first,” she concluded.

Of the same, functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and founder, iThrive said, “It’s okay to occasionally indulge in foods that aren’t exactly healthy as long as you don’t suffer from any health issues or food sensitivitiesespecially in social settings that require it. However, you should actively avoid a particular dish at the buffet if you suffer from food sensitivities and intestinal problems that cause a bad reaction to certain foods.’

Common triggers usually include gluten, dairy products, refined seed oils, spicy foods, etc. “When in doubt, do not hesitate to communicate with the waiters and the chef. Tell them you have food allergies and that this information is important to you,” she said.

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