This week in black fashion

This week in black fashion

There is so much in store when it comes to fashion in 2023. As we show prosperity for this year, we should also show considerate news, fashion again as an art and craft unlike before (among the juicier fashion dramas.) So far we got our wish, as this first week of the new year makes us talk about judicial feuds along with custom suits and new content collections! Our only hope is that it continues as fashion weeks are just around the corner.

The collaborations that were teased last year continue, but hopefully it should be worth the wait, and even more so, collaborations we didn’t know we needed are right around the corner for us to announce and release, and we will report right away.

For now, check out the good, the bad and the messy this week in fashion.

Christopher John Rogers debuts Pre-fall Collection 011

Titled “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To,” womenswear designer Rogers deviated from his usual colorful collections. While this collection was still complete with splashes of fun color, it was also full of pieces that were missing from those bright primary colors that she uses so often. The designer used this collection to show that he has full autonomy over his creativity and business. He wants to sell what sells. Each look is special because it uses avant-garde shapes and playfulness.

This week in black fashion

Thom Browne VS. Adidas

Adidas has sued American designer Thom Browne over the use of his stripes motif in his designs. The gag is that Adidas gave permission to use the four stripes over a decade ago. It seems that since Brown’s brand has been building up its range of sportswear the brand, which now has Lionel Messi’s face next to FC Barcelona wearing his designs, Adidas has called for war as Messi has long been associated with Adidas. Browne’s lawyer is not backing down yet and it is claimed that it is too late for Adidas to change its mind.

This week in black fashion
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 3: Fashion designer Thom Browne arrives at Manhattan Federal Court on January 3, 2023 in New York City. Adidas filed a lawsuit against Brown for his repeated use of the four stripes motif, which the company claims “mimics” Adidas’ signature Three Stripes. (Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

A-Cold-Wall presents SS23 collection

Designer Samual Ross has dropped his pre-spring collection labeled the “Hypergenic Series.” The collection is based on four narratives: Considered, Eclipse, Uniform and Conditioned. Each of them is an experimentation with the brand’s original motifs in distortion. The collection includes knitted pieces, an asymmetric vest with 3D pockets, slides and M65 military jackets.

Dior X Denim Tears

Designer Tremaine Emory does not disappoint with this mule. Employed in 2022 to create a capsule collection with Dior, Emory has turned heads as we await the glory of the entire collection. This mule is a bit like a Birkenstock slide, so comfort is a must. Both of the brand’s motifs are distinctive and blend perfectly with the all-over Dior print and Denim Tear peace sign buckle. We’re sure the entire collection will have fashionistas drooling over it.


The classic Air Force 1 gets a new look thanks to a collaboration with Premium Goods. Premium Goods owner and Houston-based sneaker maven Jennifer Ford reimagines classic shoes with her own special twist, featuring luxury artisanal jewelry techniques. Launching two different shoes on January 20, the Bella and Sophia, in cream and black with gorgeous beaded detailing on the Nike Swoosh and braided rope motif, showcase Ford’s eclectic and contemporary outlook.

This week in black fashion

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