The fashion world pays tribute to Vivienne Westwood

And your beautiful love story with Andreas that we read about in fairy tales, that I could witness for decades. We can only dream of such love. Your legacy is just beginning and will forever be set in stone as your contribution to our industry is immeasurable. They couldn’t get enough appreciation for what you truly deserved. To be able to visit you recently makes me feel blessed and I will always carry this memory in my heart.

My condolences to Andreas, Joe and all the family and loved ones. Rest in the throne you so well deserve, queen.”

“I am so saddened to hear of the passing of Mrs. Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne was an iconic trailblazer in fashion and its greatest punk. She broke all the rules of the establishment to make clothes that spoke of independence, rebellion and power. She gave generations of young people new codes to express themselves.

As one of the few leading women in our industry, Vivienne has always inspired me. She was never afraid, never took no for an answer, her vision was pure and unfiltered. Vivienne taught us all so much. It always will be. Rest in power.”

“Broken heart.” You did it first. Always. Incredible style with brilliant and meaningful content.

I continue to learn from your words and from all your extraordinary creations. I will always remember the night we bonded over our mutual love of Yves Saint Laurent. You never failed to surprise and shock. I am grateful for the moments I was able to share with you and Andreas.

Rest in peace, dear Vivienne, though peace seems like a bad word to me. My condolences to Andreas and your family.”

“Talk about a change maker, non-conformist and environmentalist! Vivienne Westwood beat it all! An artist, a punk, a working mother and also a designer whose brand is still as relevant today as ever. I am very lucky to have gotten to know her a bit during an important phase of my career in fashion and to have this period so beautifully documented by Gavin Bond in his book. To be there.

Vivienne once faxed me a handwritten letter inviting me to attend one of her shows back in the early 1990s. She recently viewed Da Vinci’s “Lady with Ermine” and excitedly told me how much the painting reminded her of me. I’m pretty sure it was the ermine, not the lady! Thank you, Vivienne, for staying so true to your principles and values, and most importantly, for leading with courage and humor.”

“I can’t believe I’m writing this… Today we lost one of the rarest British fashion icons ever.” Vivienne Westwood inspired my career as a designer with bravery and audacity. She invented punk.

I remember sitting with her for hours at Juergen Teller’s birthday dinner as she delicately analyzed the corner of the tablecloth, folding it with the precision of Japanese origami… I realized that she was creating a tiny pattern and designing an object with zero waste, with little challenge . She was a genius.

Vivienne invented historical fashion design moments that woke us all up and shook the industry. She led the way forward, never apologizing for exposing the unjust wrongs in the world and asking uncomfortable questions.

Vivienne said as if she saw it. She wanted to improve fashion. Vivienne crossed every single line and held her head so high. She was sassy, ​​irreverent and had the truest hooker vibe I’ve ever known. I have never met anyone else like her. I hope there will be more like her… More fighting like her, more creating like her, more celebrating like her.

Thank you Ms. Vivienne Westwood for all you have given us. You will live forever. God save Westwood… Punk rock will never die.”

“Somehow I imagined Vivienne living among her hundreds. She still had so many pressing matters to shed light on, so many causes to support, so many injustices to speak out about… and so many more magical garments to create. This talented and brilliant lady was so unique and so punk in every way punk should be. She did it her way, all the way. I will always be grateful to have been in her inspiring company. Rest in great power.”

“Dearest Vivienne, Queen of Punk. From the first day I met you to the last day I saw you, you made me smile, listen, learn and love more than the day before. I will forever be grateful to have been in your orbit, because to me and most of fashion – and humanity – you, Vivienne, were the sun. To the most amazing, funniest, incredible, humble, creative, badass, intelligent, fucking epic human being to walk this earth, my inspiration and idol in all things, rest in love and rest in peace…I will miss you. I send my love to dear Andreas and the whole family. She was loved by so many people.”

“Sad to hear of the passing of Mrs Vivienne Westwood, an absolute legend. Her studio was the only place I ever did a work placement, over 20 years ago it was an amazing time. I will always remember her.”

“Dame Vivienne Westwood: her legacy cannot be measured by the fact that she gave the world the endlessly copied ‘punk.'” Let’s not forget – she was the first to leave it behind. She heroically committed herself to civilized critical and radical thought and constantly used her position in fashion to she talked about the urgency of environmental destruction. I mean she was also the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met in fashion – Tim Walker’s portrait captured that. She was nonchalant which made her even more so. She was one of the greatest British women ever she was ahead of her time. She was kind, normal and messianic, all uniquely rolled into one visionary force that had not an iota of grandeur about her incredible status as one of the world’s most influential designers.

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