The best games about the fashion industry

Stylistic games are no longer in fashion. Even in the golden days of the Nintendo DS and free-to-play flash games, most products that catered to this niche were considered (perhaps wrongly) to be shovelware. While this is true of most online and mobile dress-up games, a handful of new fashion games and old ones that have aged well do, so players with that particular itch are spoiled for choice.

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Most fashion games are simple dress up games that allow players to express themselves and their style, but leave the fashion industry out of the picture. Not only that, but the social aspect of fashion is rarely seen in these games. Great fashion games recognize that style is more than just dressing a doll: by expressing our inner world outwardly, style becomes fashion. Great fashion games need an outside world to speak to.


5/5 Imagine: Fashion World 3D (2012)

image from the Imagine Fashion World 3D trailer

Imagine the world of fashion in 3D is a fan favorite in the 3DS line of Imagine games, and for good reason. The latest installment in the series isn’t perfect, lacking the absurd story of the DS games and suffering from increased filler. Even then, the presentation is dated but still enjoyable, and the customization options varied enough to keep players going for a long time.

Imagine the world of fashion in 3D it also has an impressive multiplayer mode where two players compete in a fashion show by designing the most appropriate outfit for a given challenge. Players can even trade designs with their friends if they find a friend with a 3DS and a fashion game from a decade ago.

4/5 Imagine: Fashion Designer (2009)

cutscene from Imagine Fashion designer PC

Mixing point-and-click adventures and dress-up games isn’t the most original idea, as even a cursory examination of flash games from the mid-2000s can confirm. Yet that’s exactly what it does Imagine: Fashion Designer (2009) stand out from the competition and even from other games in the series. This is also the only Imagine fashion game released for PC and not a portable console, so it is by far the most detailed and comprehensive.

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It also gives longer operation time and deeper functions Imagine: A fashion designer the funniest and wildest story in the entire series. Players will spend as much time walking around asking questions as well as dressing models and creating new clothes. The subplot, one of the few that can legitimately be called a side quest, involves rescuing a missing dog from cosmetic testing.

3/5 The Sims 4 Career style influencer

fashion sim from the sims 4

Become a stylish influencer The Sims 4 it hardly transforms the game into a completely new experience, but it scratches the same itch as any other fashion game. Career in The Sims 4 change things much more than simple jobs, especially an active career like that of a Style influencer. Style Influencer Career doesn’t require any expansions, and since the base game is free, it’s basically the cheapest game about the fashion industry.

Despite its name, the Style influencer career does not require players to play the role of social media personalities. While some writing skills are necessary for the first stages of this career, a 5th rank style influencing Sim can be promoted to “Dedicated Dresser”, the first level of the Stylist career. This gives this sim the ability to remake their friends and fundamentally change what this career is all about.

2/5 I love Nikki Dress UP Queen

interview by Love Nikki Dress UP Queen

While I love Nikki the series is not strictly about the world of fashion, but takes place in a world where fashion dominates all aspects of life. Styling contests are ways for nations to resolve matters that would otherwise escalate into war. Princess Elle, a talented stylist, earns the title “Goddess Reincarnated”. Of course, the gameplay also revolves around customizing the available clothes to best suit the situation and earning points according to categories like “Elegance” or “Simple”.

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I love Nikki Dress UP Queen is more than a simple dress up game with scoring and gacha elements. Set in Miraland, a world that is more melodrama than slice of life, the story is an extremely important element I love Nikki. Much of the game takes place in visual novel-like cutscenes, as this stylist’s powerful imagination leaves room for a collection of more vulnerable, poignant stories.

1/5 Style Savvy: Styling Star

screenshot from Style Savvy Styling Star trailer

Style Savvy has been in the making for many years and has its roots in the days of the Nintendo DS. Despite its immediate success on the DS, the series never made it to the mainstream. Still, given how big a viewership the series has, the fact that Style Savvy: Styling Star being a fan favorite means nothing. Unlike most other games in the genre, Savvy style the series has the ability to work with male clients, albeit only in an alternate, less feature-rich mode.

Style Savvy: Styling Starputs players in control of the boutique as a flood of girls flood the store every day. They can ask for an entire outfit or just a few accessories, often adding some stylistic restrictions like “give it a fun, energetic vibe!” Even with these restrictions and the added stress of stocking the store every day, old and new players will have little trouble by making their clients happy every time. For those looking for a challenge, even a mild one, this can be a problem.

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