The Apple Watch Series 8 takes five nights to establish the base temperature of the wrist

Today, Apple published a new support document with additional details about the new wrist temperature measurement feature available on the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra models, and it turns out that the feature requires users to wear the watch for five nights before it can to find a baseline temperature.

Apple Watch Series 8 Trio
The ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ and ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ have two temperature sensors – one on the back crystal, close to your skin, and another just below the display. While the user sleeps, the Apple Watch measures the temperature of the wrist every five seconds. This design improves accuracy by reducing bias from the outside environment, according to Apple.

Your body temperature naturally fluctuates and can vary nightly due to your diet and exercise, alcohol consumption, sleeping environment, or physiological factors such as your menstrual cycle and illness. After about 5 nights, your Apple Watch will determine your core wrist temperature and look for its nightly changes.

Apple says Sleep should be set with “Track Sleep with Apple Watch” enabled, and Sleep Focus should be enabled for at least four hours a night for about five nights. Users can then check Body Measurements -> Wrist Temperature in the Health app for recorded measurements.

Apple cautions that the feature is not a medical device and should not be used for medical purposes, nor is it a thermometer and cannot provide measurements on demand. A loose Apple Watch can also affect wrist temperature data.

Apple touts the feature in promotional materials for new Apple Watch models as a way to improve cycle predictions and retrospective ovulation estimates, but the support document suggests that tracking nighttime temperature changes during sleep could give anyone insight into their “overall welfare”. ”

For those who don’t benefit from the feature, wrist temperature can be turned off in the Watch app on the iPhone, under Privacy -> Turn off Wrist Temperature.

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