The 10 Best Teen Movies To Watch If You Like Revenge

Underrated and often overlooked, teen movies have set trends, challenged labels, and been ingrained in pop culture since the 1980s. Netflix’s newest teen movie, the black comedy in pastel colors Take revengeproved that the teen movie genre is more than ready to make its mark once again.

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Already considered a representative of Gen Z, Take revenge stars RiverdaleCamila Mendes and Strange thingsMaya Hawke as two high school students who band together to get revenge on their bullies. As edgy teen comedies make a comeback, fans have to turn to the biggest hits of the last 40 years to enjoy themselves.

10 Mean Girls is the most iconic teen comedy of the 2000s

Perhaps the most iconic teen comedy of the 2000s, Bad Girls stars Lindsay Lohan as Cady, a teenager who enrolls in public school for the first time after being homeschooled most of her life. After befriending Janice and Damien, the trio come up with a plan to get Kady to join the most popular clique at school and wreak havoc from within.

Over the years, Bad Girls became a pop culture phenomenon like no other, setting the standard for teen movies thereafter. After a disappointing made-for-TV sequel in 2011, the film was adapted into a musical that ran for two years on Broadway. Bad Girls has undoubtedly laid the groundwork for fun games like Take revenge.

9 Easy A follows a high school girl as she embraces high school rumors

in Easy, Emma Stone stars as Olive Pendergast, a seventeen-year-old who is classified as the most promiscuous girl in her school after agreeing to lie about romantic adventures with several boys in her class. Instead of fighting this label, Olive embraces her new image and confronts the conservative people in her town.

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Easy was inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne The scarlet letter and was both a major financial and critical success. Many fans and critics praised Emma Stone’s acting and comedic performance.

8 Clueless is one of the best modern adaptations of all time

Based on Jane Austen Emma, Clueless revolves around Cher Horowitz, a popular and trendy teenager who enjoys playing matchmaker and transforming those she deems less attractive than her. It starred Alicia Silverstone in the title role, Stacey Dash and Brittany Murphy as Cher’s best friends and Paul Rudd as her love interest.

Years after its premiere, Clueless has gained a huge cult following due to its representation of 1990s teen culture, excellent costume design and a modern take on a beloved classic. Do the Revenge a competitor to the choice of wardrobe Clueless’ iconic outfits. Clueless’ the popularity even spawned a separate television series and a young adult book saga.

7 Wild Child is a camp story about a spoiled girl

Wild child follows Emma Roberts as spoiled and rich Poppy Moore, a high school girl from Malibu who is sent to a boarding school in England to correct her wild and selfish attitude. As she befriends her roommates and falls in love, Poppy begins to change for the better and leave her no-nonsense attitude behind.

Wild child was critically panned upon its release, but has slowly gained a small and devoted fan base over the years for its over-the-top, campy direction. Fans are enjoying the film because of its heart-warming story.

6 Two former best friends rekindle their friendship by planning the murder of purebreds

In 2017, Anya Taylor-Joy and The house of the dragonOlivia Cooke united Thoroughbreds, a dark comedy about two upper-class teenage girls, Lily and Amanda, who rekindle their friendship. As the two bond over their current issues, they begin planning the murder of Lily’s stepfather with the help of a drug dealer.

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Although it makes just over half of its budget, Thoroughbreds received praise for its thought-provoking writing and impeccable performances. If fans enjoyed the more mature subject matter of take revenge they will surely be delighted Thoroughbreds.

5 The Craft follows a group of new witches as they explore their powers

The craft combines teen drama and supernatural horror to deliver one of the most unique teen movies of the 1990s. Set in Los Angeles, the film centers on a group of four outcasts who begin practicing witchcraft while attending a deeply religious high school. Soon after, the four girls begin to experience the negative effects of their newfound powers.

After its premiere, The craft received mixed reviews, but was highly praised for taking on darker themes and moving away from teen movie clichés. The film quickly became a cult classic of teen cinema. continuation The Craft: Legacywas released in 2020 to mostly negative reviews.

4 Cruel intentions revolve around rich students and their chaotic relationships

Adaptation of the eighteenth century novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Cruel intentions revolves around a group of wealthy New York students and their troubled relationships. The ensemble included Sarah Michelle Gellar as the villainous hero, Catherine Merteuil and Reese Witherspoon as the principal’s daughter.

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Although he was criticized for his screenplay, Cruel intentions it was considered a great modern adaptation. The film received many accolades for its performance, won several fan-voted awards, spawned two direct-to-video sequels, and was adapted into a jukebox musical in 2015.

3 Heathers is the quintessential dark teen comedy about the perils of cliques

In 1988, Winona Ryder played Veronica Sawyer in the quintessential black teen comedy, Heathers. The film focuses on a popular clique that consists of Veronica and three girls named Heather who rule over their high school. Their lives change completely when a rebellious new student arrives to disrupt their established hierarchy.

Despite the bombing at the box office, Heathers became a cult favorite for its use of satire and a pessimistic tone to depict the high school experience that resembles Take revenge. In 2010, the film was adapted as a hugely successful Off-Broadway musical.

2 A trio seeks revenge on their unfaithful boyfriend in John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker must die follows three very different high school girls who seek revenge on their cheating boyfriend, a basketball player named John Tucker. The trio seeks help from a nondescript fellow student named Kate (played by Brittany Snow), who must do her best to break his heart and humiliate him.

John Tucker must die was criticized for its predictable plot and casting, but was considered a fun teen film with plenty of clever dialogue and charm to captivate audiences. Much like Take revenge, John Tucker must die focuses on themes of revenge and social status.

1999 Jaw breaker stars Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz as three of the most popular girls at Reagan High. When one of them kills the fourth member of their group of friends, the trio must do everything they can to hide any evidence and continue to run their school even as their lives fall apart.

Jaw breaker was not a critical success upon its premiere, with many commenting on its similarities to Heathers as one of his detractors. However, its acting and colorful costume design made it a cult classic for fans of campy teen movies.

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