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New Delhi: K-beauty skincare is on the rise and according to astrology experts, it’s possible to live your best life based on your horoscopes. And lest I forget, these predictions have moved from lucky days and general omens to categorical tips for everything going on in your life. So what does your zodiac sign say about your skin care regimen? The team of skin experts at Quench Botanics share their zodiac predictions and the best skin care regimen for this year.


A fire sign that is always bursting with enthusiasm! Aries is passionate, confident and determined. And you need something as fast and fun as your ideas. Hey Aries girls, try the ultimate quick fix with Peel Pads for a brightened and even skin tone.


An earth sign that enjoys peace and stability is Taurus. For someone who likes things that bring peace and joy, skin care specials that give skin everything are a fun combination. So it’s time to get on board with a good facial mist that will replenish your skin’s moisture and revive your dull-looking, lackluster skin! Perfectly practical, like you.


A charismatic air sign, Gemini thrives on humor and knows how to talk about everything there is to know. This social sign deserves skin care that will bring fun into the new year! A fast-absorbing serum that suits your delicate soul and solves your skin problems. Satisfy your desire for change with skin-firming ingredients such as arginine, allantoin and hyaluronic acid and skin-reviving properties. Enhance your glow not only in your life but also in your skin!


This comfort-seeking water sign is known for its endless forgiveness. Cancers need skin care that can take care of their worries just like anyone else. This New Year, pick up some Korean skin treats that will sensitively tackle issues just like you!

Just like you, Quench Botanics Mon Cherry Brightening Skin Mist is reliable. Dedicated to hydrating, protecting and brightening your skin every day. This Korean skincare must-have contains hyaluronic acid to plump, hydrate and revive dull-looking, lackluster skin! Perfectly practical, like you.


This fire sign radiates warmth and favors creativity. Vanity and luxury are calling your name, and all for the right reasons for your larger-than-life personality. And you have to try K-beauty to make your skin glow!

To give your skin an extra glow, get the goodness of an ultra-nourishing body butter without having to deal with stickiness or greasiness with Quench Botanics Mon Cherry Intensive Hydrating Body Butter. It has a velvety soft, whipped texture that immediately absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and nourished.


A witty earth sign, Virgo likes quick solutions. Along with the need to feel useful, you need skin care that does that too. So this New Year, appreciate skin care that works exceptionally well! All Virgos, similar to your nature, the moisturizing gel takes its job of keeping your skin fresh, hydrated and smooth seriously. And your daily moisturizer will work as hard as you do to give you dewy soft skin!


This Air sign craves being surrounded by people and fantastic skin care products. You need to enter the new year with aesthetically pleasing skin care that delivers results. No need to hold back on this decision, it’s perfect for you!

To pamper your skin at the start of the new year, try Quench Botanics Birch Please Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel and take the first step towards flawless, healthy skin. This is a super refreshing and non-drying face gel that thoroughly cleanses and gently exfoliates using biodegradable cellulose beads.


As someone who takes pains to look cool, this water sign is on the hunt for finished products. Scorpio needs soulful skin care and Quench Botanics knows it. Treat yourself to skincare that looks fun and can handle things just like you! All you need is an under-eye cream to treat dark circles and under-eye puffiness as stubborn as you are.


This loud and proud fire sign is full of emotion. Just like you’re obsessed with self-improvement, Quench Botanics wants to bring you real Korean skincare. It’s time for Sagittarians to turn to skin-friendly products this new year! One of the skin care gems that matches your ideals is a clay mask. It is your guide to getting rid of dead skin, excess sebum and pimples. Get dewy soft and supple skin in a can!


Mature and responsible, Capricorn, the docile earth sign, deserves skincare that takes care of your complexion effortlessly. Success and results are shared between you and Quench Botanics. So this new year, get the products that motivate you to look your best! Good skin care needs discipline, just like you, and the refreshing Overnight Mask delivers as promised.


An air sign that values ​​concepts and personal freedom. Aquarius is looking for skin care that perfectly matches your esoteric personality. Choose our products that solve all your skin problems! One skin care tip that’s as independent as you are, Treatment patches to keep you glowing all year round!


Pisces deserve skin care that matches their fantastic personality. This water sign can go to both extremes and needs a K-beauty that can handle it all. So it’s no surprise that you’ll really enjoy using water-based moisturizers that cool your skin! Just like you, the Cleansing Balm is wise and removes all traces of dirt, makeup and impurities in no time!

Whether you’re an Aries on the hunt for smooth skin or an Aquarius on the hunt for superstar ingredients, we’ve got the help of our orb to predict the future of your skincare! Your skin needs some much-needed TLC, so give it the time and Quench Botanics skin solutions it deserves!

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