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Superdrug: launch of free Wi-Fi

Superdrug: launch of free Wi-Fi

The New Year is here and with it Superdrug’s best beauty and lifestyle predictions for 2023 – based on consumer insights and habits from the past 12 months.

When it comes to beauty, this year has been all about exploring, taking international inspiration (like the viral K-Beauty trend) and trying out new and unique looks straight from the red carpet — or, of course, our beloved TikTok. When it comes to lifestyle, the masses of us prioritize personal well-being and really focus on time for ourselves in the new year.

So what can we expect from 2023? Superdrug’s team of health and beauty experts share their predictions below:

Investing in your own brand

As a result of the cost of living crisis, consumers are expected to continue to be cautious with their spending in the new year – spending more time comparing prices and shopping beauty stores where possible. Many own-brand formulations offer the same ingredients and experience as premium products, and Superdrug predicts that customers will pay more attention to this and get high-end products at high street prices. Superdrug plans to introduce more supersized own-brand products, such as the iconic one, in 2023 B. Melting Cleansing Balmso shoppers also get more for their money.

A colorful return…

Expect bold eye makeup to return in 2023 with pops of color to take over. Hot pinks, blues and oranges are likely to be popular, with multi-colored rainbow eyes also becoming a new trend (with 34.5 million views on TikTok). The Superdrug team expect this trend to continue – and consumers can try it out for themselves Studio London Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette offers 40 shades for just £5.

International beauty

The take-up of Korean make-up and skincare in the UK has been huge (with over 4 billion views on TikTok) – in 2022 Superdrug launched exclusively Korean brands The beauty of AHC and The snake Labo, which quickly sold out across stores. British beauty lovers like to try new things and love international inspiration, which will lead to different cultures being explored in the new year and Brits likely to be introduced to more global skin and make-up products and trends.

Wellness focus

After covid, we all know how important it is to take time and focus on personal and mental well-being. Superdrug experts say self-care will continue to boom, with more focus on sexual well-being and the hormonal journey (especially following the release of Cara Delevingne’s Planet Sex BBC documentary in December). Startup Superdrug Nude Academy in 2022, Superdrug was the first retailer to launch a sexual wellbeing hub, providing consumers with comprehensive sexual health information as well as affordable pleasure products.

The Rise of Black Beauty Businesses

Inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry will, quite rightly, remain a top priority. In 2021, Superdrug launched 10 top Shades of You commitments and one of those commitments was to increase the number of black-owned brands at the retailer. Superdrug continues to support black-owned businesses with a recent launch Nylah’s Naturals, Afrocenchix and more recently exclusive launches Carol’s daughter to the UK market.

An uproar on social networks

Gen-Z uses social media very otherwise – their strength is informal, unfiltered content. After taking over TikTok in 2022 – which saw Superdrug become the first beauty retailer to partner with the channel and launch a talent show on the platform – expect the rise of BeReal and similar ‘random’ platforms in 2023. TikTok has been a big sales driver for many v over the past 12 months when a number of Superdrug products have sold out due to their social appeal, such as Maybelline Sky High Mascara and Spot Stickers StarFace products. We expect more in the next few months, and with more new social networks climbing the ladder, brands and influencers alike will need to adopt new ways with content to ensure it works for platforms and engages consumers.

DIY cosmetic procedures

Nothing beats a trip to the salon, but with the ongoing cost of living crisis, do-it-yourself at-home beauty treatments are likely to remain in 2023. Many of us have tried home beauty treatments during the pandemic, some of the most popular being a new hair color and caring treatments such as dermaplaning. After the pandemic, brands had the opportunity to develop new offerings to make it easier for consumers. This should be re-evaluated in the next few months to allow consumers to experiment at home for less money.

SPF, SPF and more SPF

The effects of sun damage have been magnified by industry heavyweights like Caroline Hirons and Sali Hughes. Instead, customers flip bronze products to achieve a healthy glow is predicted to be the ‘look’ of 2023, with Superdrug predicting that new category innovations such as SPF Boosters, Shades and basics will become increasingly popular with consumers in 2023.

Integration of tech

In 2023, beauty and wellness brands will need to embrace technological change – creating new levels of consumer engagement as we’ve seen in other industries. Customers are looking for a “modern experience”, so online and offline strategy is a key focus at Superdrug. In November 2022, Superdrug was launched Marketplace, creating a new online destination to showcase thousands of innovative up-and-coming brands to customers, with exciting new products launching every day and the offering continuing to grow through 2023.

Commenting on the future of the health, wellness and beauty industry, Simon Comins, Chief Commercial Officer at Superdrug, said: “The last 12 months have been interesting as many consumers’ purchasing decisions have been driven by the cost of living crisis. However, after a stellar Christmas performance, 2023 looks exciting! We predict more experimentation when it comes to color cosmetics, self-care will remain a top priority and home DIY treatments will continue to be important to our customers as the country remains in a cost of living crisis. We are excited to further modernize the industry and look forward to bringing more experiences and new products to our customers.”

Superdrug is one of the leading health and beauty retailers with over 800 stores across the UK and Ireland. Superdrug offers trendy beauty brands, everyday personal care and essential health products, bringing the best in affordable beauty and health to the high street and online.

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