Strange lawsuit filed against Apple in Boston seeks $10 billion, accusing Apple’s CEO, board and legal team of corruption+

Adam John McIntosh of San Francisco filed a lawsuit in the District of Massachusetts (Boston) against Apple Inc. The court case categorizes the substance of the case as: “470 racketeer/corrupt organization.” The listing mentions a $10 billion demand from Apple, as shown in the image below

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2 Mackintosh v Apple Inc Court File Information September 2022 - Apple Patent Report
2 Mackintosh v Apple Inc Court File Information September 2022 - Apple Patent Report(Click on the image below to enlarge)

At one point, the court document reads: “This motion is filed on the grounds that defendant’s collective fraudulent misconduct in and out of multiple courts constitutes fraud on the court and fraud on the circuit…”

The document further states that the defendants’ continued involvement in litigation misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • submitting to perjury during numerous United States and Congressional investigations, hearings, and investigations;
  • tampering with the administration of justice by making false statements under duly sworn oaths;
  • maliciously, recklessly, deliberately and in cold blood stalking and prosecuting numerous App Store competitors, politicians, legislators and others in furtherance of the currently outlined business arrangements;
  • fabricating, submitting, manipulating, pilfering and presenting false evidence that is material to the issues at hand or concealing material evidence from the plaintiff and the courts;
  • defilement of numerous federal courts through bribes, pay-by-mail, and other methods;
  • perjury and inducement of Apple employees and others to perjure themselves in order to obtain judgments based thereon; and
  • fabricating evidence and drafting multiple declarations aimed at attacking the truth-finding mechanics of multiple federal courts;

The document further states that “the misconduct is alleged to have been coordinated by Tim Cook, Apple’s board, their subordinates and contractors, and was perpetrated by corrupt government actors, non-participating and non-participating witnesses, not just the legal counsel of Apple, who are employees of the court that ultimately interfered with the administration of justice in a way that wronged not only the plaintiff, but also Congress and the District Courts, the United States Department of Justice, the United States Senate, Congress, and the consuming public.”

Finally, the document further states that “Plaintiff wishes to advise the Court that he believes, in principle, that the circumstances of this instant motion may warrant, in the Court’s reasonable discretion, the appointment of a Special Master…”

For more details, read Apple’s full complaint filed in court in the full SCRIBD docket below, courtesy of Patently Apple. Unfortunately, the Scribd document cannot be enlarged for unknown reasons.

Macintosh vs. Apple Lawsuit by Jack Percher on Scribd

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