Should you get a keratin treatment for your hair? Expert answers

Who wouldn’t want to have healthy and shiny hair? While many opt for DIY remedies to give their hair the perfect shine, others opt for a hair treatment. He is one such keratin treatment which promises to make your hair extremely smooth. But it carries its fair share of adverse effects.

Dermatologist Dr. Hence, Geetika Mittal Gupta took to Instagram to alert people about the various side effects of the treatment. “Keratin treatments are very popular these days – specifically among people with frizzy hair hair who want to tame them,” she said in the video.

Explaining the “catch,” she said that keratin is a protein found in our skin’s hair and nails, and keratin makes that protein stronger by applying more of it. However, the main problem lies in the presence of a chemical called formaldehyde.

“Almost all keratin chemical brands use an ingredient called formaldehyde. This component can be quite problematic as it could lead to severe allergic reactionsvomiting, dizziness, eye irritation, sore throat, cough, wheezing, chest pain and other health problems,” said Dr Geetika.

She also mentioned that this chemical can be listed as another name on the label, “so it’s very difficult to find a brand that doesn’t use this ingredient.” However, the dermatologist suggested that one must try a formaldehyde-free treatment.

Not only this, “the intense heat that is applied to the hair along with the flat iron can lead to hair breakage, so silky hair it costs something,” she added.

Dr. Geetika warned of the consequences, saying that while keratin treatments can make hair smooth, the chemicals can lead to “breakage, thinning and damage”.

However, she also suggested some alternatives. “If you want to enjoy the benefits of keratin-like treatments, you can opt for other treatments like hair Botox and Olaplex,” she said.

*Hair Botox: It is a deep hair treatment that uses a cocktail of natural ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and collagen complex to deeply nourish and repair your hair. Results last for three to four months without introducing any harmful chemicals into your body.

* Olaplex hair treatment – It is an absolute delight for people who have bleached their hair. This treatment contains eight ingredients that strengthen hair bonds, limit damage caused by hair color, prevent frizz and split ends and protects against sun damage.

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