‘Salvatore’ celebrates a life dedicated to feet and fashion

Salvatore Ferragamo is shown with some of his shoe shapes for his star clientele in image z "Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams."

The next time you come home from a long day with sore, blistered feet, take heart: Your feet aren’t the problem. They are your shoes.

And this comes from the master, the late Salvatore Ferragamo, who declares in director Luca Guadagnino’s loving documentary “Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams” that throughout his career, “I have found that there are no bad feet. There are bad shoes.”

Now, whether you can afford a pair of Ferragamos to let your feet live their best life is another question. But it is fascinating to discover how obsessively Ferragamo, born into a poor Italian farming family at the turn of the 20th century, studied the human foot in an attempt to create the perfect shoe, combining creativity and, above all, comfort. “I love legs,” he wrote. “He’s talking to me. He even studied anatomy as a night student at the University of Southern California, peppering the professor with questions about the skeleton—but only about the feet.

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