Queen Consort Camilla’s £5.5k lifestyle spending: revealed

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Queen Consort Camilla often she praises her husband, King Charles, for being “the ablest man of his age” that she knowsbut Camilla is quite lively herself.

The 75-year-old is known to take care of her mental and physical health and invests in her well-being in a variety of ways, from outdoor activities on luxury wellness stays.

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We took a deep dive into the royal’s wellness habits and tallied up how much she invests in her efforts to stay well. Read what we found…

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Wellness breaks in India: £2,800

Queen Consort Camilla is by far her greatest luxury trips to India to visit the Soukya Holistic Health and Wellness Centerwhere a seven-day stay costs from £2,800.

Queen Consort Camilla travels to India to promote her welfare

Her last trip was in October 2022, but she has reportedly visited the sanctuary eight times since 2010.

The Queen Consort is such a fan, she convinced her husband to visit in 2019 for his 71st birthday.

Soukya offers the divisive ritual of Panchakarma, a method of cleansing the body of all unwanted waste, cleansing the mind and intestines as well as the airways and cavities.

Camilla convinced Charles to join her in India

Queen Camilla seems to be in good hands at the retreat as according to their website, every guest at Soukya undergoes a medical assessment by doctors, qualified and experienced in the relevant system of medicine.

Fitness tracker: £159.99

Queen Consort Camilla is a devoted FitBit wearerdecided to Charge3 modelwhich he has been wearing since the beginning of 2020 – and is rarely seen without it.

Camilla is rarely seen without her Fitbit

The selected Camilla tracker is waterproof and waterproof and automatically recognizes exercises such as running, swimming, elliptical, sports and more. It also tracks and counts steps on walks, which Queen Consort Camilla has previously said she is a big fan of.

FitBit Charge 3, £159.99, Amazon


Daily Ballet Session: Free!

Camilla opened the door her love of ballet when speaking on The Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 Live in 2020, revealing that he does twenty minutes every morning.

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Camilla’s ballet class is courtesy of Silver Swans, who offer free online sessions.

Yoga and Pilates: £2,600

Queen Consort Camilla spoke about the importance of yoga in 2017, explaining: “I do a bit of yoga. A little yoga and a little pilates.

“As you get older, it’s very good for you, you’ll be less stiff – good for your muscles. It’ll make you a lot more flexible. I think it’s very important to exercise and stretch as you get older,” she continued.

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Camilla hasn’t revealed where she does her yoga and pilates, but we can’t imagine she’ll be popping up at her local leisure centre. The average cost of private yoga lessons is £50 per lesson and we imagine she does weekly lessons.

Wordle: Free!

Camilla revealed that she keeps her mind sharp by playing Wordle with her granddaughter every day. “I do Wordle every day with my granddaughter,” the king told British Vogue.

Thanks to her healthy habits, Camilla shines at 75

“It’s very satisfying when he tells you how great you are,” King Charles” continued the wife.

Reading: £95.88 per year

Queen Camilla is also an avid reader, which helps keep her mind occupied even in her seventies.

Royal revealed that reading with her husband on holiday is one of her greatest joys, explaining: “When we go away, the best part is that we actually sit and read books in different corners of the same room.”

Camilla leads a healthy life

Being married to a dedicated environmentalist, we imagine Camilla has a Kindle rather than buying new books every month. Kindle Unlimited it costs £7.99 a month, and as a devoted reader, the 75-year-old is likely to go through several books a month, so the cost is well worth it.

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