Prince Harry opens up about seeking therapy in his memoir

Prince Harry’s much-talked-about memoir Sparewas released today and, as seen in various excerpts, offers an intimate look into his life, particularly his tumultuous relationship with Royal Family. Opening about his mental health the duke of sussex also mentioned in the book how he sought therapy to solve his problems and better regulate his emotions.

As he snapped at her, he described a heated argument with Meghan Markle, writing: “Maybe wine went to my head. Maybe the weeks of fighting the press had worn me out. For some reason, when the conversation took an unexpected turn, I became numb. Then angry. Disproportionately, carelessly angry…I was also hypersensitive that night. I thought, “Why is he looking at me?” I snapped at her and spoke harshly to her [and] cruelly. As the words left my mouth I felt everything in the room stop. The sauce stopped bubbling and the air molecules stopped circulating. Even Nina Simone seemed to pause.’

He added to that Meghan at which point she left the room, making it clear to Harry that she would not tolerate being spoken to like that and would not raise her children in an environment that engendered such anger and disrespect.

“It came from somewhere deep inside, from somewhere that needed to be dug out, and it was obvious that I could use some help with the job… ‘I tried therapy‘ I told her. “Willy told me to go. I never found the right person.’ [It] it didn’t work. “No,” she said quietly. “Try it again.” Harry added.

Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” arrives in bookstores on Tuesday and provides a diverse portrait of the Duke of Sussex and the royal family. (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali)

In another extract from the book, Harry recounted an incident in 2019 when he was stunned at the 2019 WellChild awards ceremony and prince william expressed concern about his mental health. “He said I wasn’t well. Again he said I need help. I reminded him I was doing therapy,” Harry wrote, adding that the Prince of Wales asked to join one of his therapy sessions.

“In fact, he recently told me he wanted to accompany me to the session because he suspected I was being ‘brainwashed,'” he added. Harry claimed that William believed he was “not well” because he had decided to step back from their royal duties. “After months therapyAfter working hard to become more aware, more independent, I was a stranger to my older brother. He could no longer associate with me—tolerate me. Or maybe it was just the stress of the last few years, the last decades, finally coming out,” he wrote.

In one of the first viral excerpts from the book, Harry revealed his physical fight with William Meghanhe said that while he didn’t tell his wife about the fight right away, he did call his therapist to get help.

Previously, the Duke opened up about mental health and therapy during an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

Emphasizing the importance of therapy in understanding and managing your emotion, Aishwarya Raj, a clinical psychologist practicing in Delhi-NCR, said, “It makes sense (and comforting) to seek psychotherapy if you are suffering from mental and physical problems due to emotional overload. The most important skill acquired through psychotherapy is emotion regulation. To help the individual understand and manage the principles of emotions from CBT, DBT, mindfulnessand other humanitarian approaches are used. In addition, psychotherapy also helps individuals identify, acknowledge and describe their emotions.

She added that therapy allows for unconditional self-love and self-acceptance, which ultimately leads to emotional regulation. “It prevents people from avoiding feelings and choosing actions that affect their well-being. It helps people learn better decision-making, constructive critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” she said.

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