Pistachios or pista: Why this “skinny nut” is a nutritious addition to your diet

That nuts are a great source of protein, good fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals is a known thing. But did you know that pistachios or pista are slightly higher than other nuts? Yes, according to lifestyle coach Luc Coutinho, while each nut is “irreplaceable and has something unique to offer in terms of health,” pistachio tick all the boxes when it comes to ‘nutrition and taste’. He added that while Iranians call pistachios “smiling nuts”, the Chinese call them “happy nuts” and the wellness world calls them “skinny nuts” because they are. But what makes these shelled nuts a nutrient powerhouse? “The healthy fats in pistachios help maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle, further reducing the risk of stroke and many other heart problems. In addition, pista is known to increase the body’s defenses against internal and external free radicals, improve digestion and generally improve health,” Dr Jinal Patel, nutritionist at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Mumbai, told indianexpress.com.

Plus, these nuts have “the lowest calorie content per serving, which means you can eat more for fewer calories… Just 30 of them, which is about 100 quality calories, makes a perfect serving,” Luke wrote on Instagram.

He listed the following benefits of chewing pistachios:

A complete, pure source of vegetable protein: Pistachios are a complete source of protein, meaning they contain all 9 essential proteins amino acids in adequate quantity. Gram-for-gram, pistachios have as much protein as eggs.

Lowest calorie content: Pistachios are one of the least caloric nuts at just 100 calories per serving, which is the equivalent of 30 pistachios. “So you can eat more for fewer calories. (30 pistachios is a perfect portion),” he said.

Saturated and minimally processed: In addition to protein, they are rich in fiber and fat (heart-healthy MUFAs), making them very nutritious satiating. The combination of protein, fat and fiber makes pistachios a great partner on your weight loss journey. “Just 30 of them will keep you fuller for longer with a combination of super protein, fat and fibre, so no mindless snacking,” he added.

Dr Patel also confirmed that fiber, which is abundant in these nuts and helps move food through the intestines and avoid constipation, supports a healthy digestive tract.

Rich in antioxidants: Do you know why pistachios are colored? It is the only nut that contains anthocyanins, the plant-based coloring that gives pistachios a Violet. It’s the same pigment as in blueberries.

“Purple means antioxidants and green means chlorophyll. That’s all you need for your immune system, gut microbiome, diversity in your food… and so much more,” he said.

Agreed Dr. Patel and said, “Antioxidants are chemicals that are important for maintaining good health. By avoiding cell damage, they reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Several antioxidants are present in nuts and seeds, but pistachios may contain more of certain of these than other nuts.

Strengthens eye health: Carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin strengthen pistachios eye health and prevent or manage age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, poor vision, and other eye-related problems.

Promotes better sleep: Research has found that pistachios are one of the plant foods with the highest melatonin content. melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer hormone and helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle. (circadian rhythm). “If you tend to snack at night or feel hungry, a handful of pistachios can help you sleep better,” he added.

There is no chance to overeat them: Shelling pistachios automatically helps to eat them slowly. This offers a great mindful dining experience and prevents overeating.

“Pistachios are good for your health. Use them well. Before you start eliminating pistachios, remember that a single food alone won’t improve your sleep, improve your eye health, help you lose weight, or build muscle. An overall balanced lifestyle is important,” he said.

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