My Drynuary: non-alcoholic beer Big Drop

BD: Introduce us to Big Drop!

Rob (co-founder) and I started Big Drop in 2016. We both had young families, Rob stopped drinking when his first son was born, but Rob – who worked as a lawyer – was bored of taking clients to the pub and being stuck with boring AF beers without taste. He asked, “Why can’t anyone make great AF craft beer?” …and we left with the masterful skills of our head brewer Johnny.

What sets your brand apart from others?

Other than being the first, we didn’t set out to make great AF craft beer. We set out to make a great craft beer that happened to be alcohol free. This upside-down thinking has been the driving force behind everything we’ve done to date, leading us to launch Reef Point’s fantastic new 0.5% ABV craft lager, which is both gluten-free and vegan!

In which markets are you available?

Big Drop is available in the UK, Australia and the US, as well as parts of Europe and Asia. The UK will always be our home and focus, but it’s exciting to see the opportunities emerging in the US (we’re launching new states every month at the moment) and Australia, which is probably the fastest growing market.

large drop liner

What does your job entail?

With ten years leading design and development agencies and over 20 years as a graphic designer, most of my time at Big Drop is spent making sure our messaging, packaging and tools are the best quality – and communicating our brand message – as possible .

How do you see the low/no market change since the Big Drop was founded in 2016?

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