Meet the influencers! Under the Influence: Fashion Society

Members of Under the Influence: Fashion Society / Photo credit Kameron Echols

Under the Influence: Fashion Society is an organization dedicated to showcasing the artistic talent of UT Martin students through fashion. It was founded in August 2021 by its president, Shan’Tia Crawford. Their High Council welcomes and encourages individuals who show an interest or ability in modelling, hairdressing, designing, sewing or crafting to join. Under the Influence also helps promote small businesses by bringing entrepreneurs such as nail technicians, makeup artists, photographers, artists and other creatives to their larger events. It’s the perfect environment for like-minded people to network, share resources and grow their business. Everyone involved has a purpose and a significant role to play, no matter how big or small their position may seem.

The organization not only organizes events such as extravagant fashion shows, but also emphasizes the importance of community service. On Sundays, UTI:FS takes time to serve local youth at the Martin Enrichment Academy, also known as the Teen Center. They make clothing donations for Weakley County when they get the chance. With positive morals and hard work, they will continue to gain recognition for the services they provide in the city of Martin.

This semester, the group plans to do even more community service and host a large number of events. This includes their Lover & Friends fundraiser, where they will be selling Valentine baskets until February 10, 2023. In addition, the organization looks forward to highlighting women through activities, fundraisers and club collaborations during Women’s History Month in March. Another exciting thing to look forward to is Black Fashion Week. As a predominantly black organization, members of UTI:FS will share and celebrate the long history of black fashion. Much of their content will be published on their Instagram account, where they hope to grow their following immensely, as influencing and inspiring others is something the organization prides itself on. Members will also share their talents and participate in creative workshops. Most importantly, the model calls for the spring fashion show are expected to take place on March 1, 2023.

For more information, Under the Influence: Fashion Society meets every Tuesday at 5:30 pm in UC room 206A. To keep up with the organization, follow them on Instagram @undertheinfluence.fs and contact them via email @[email protected]

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