‘Love Island’: Hit UK TV show to promote sustainable fashion in latest series

The hit British reality show ‘Love Island’ is back on January 16 – and previously loved fashion is ready to steal the show again.

In 2022, the series was abandoned fast fashion image thanks to a partnership with eBay, which was previously associated with e-commerce clothing stores Missguided and I Saw it First.

The series is widely watched in the UK with viewership figures in the millions and offers brands unrivaled exposure during its prime time slot.

Series 8 of ‘Love Island’ seen the first ever formerly a beloved fashion partnership on a TV show. Clothes from the online second-hand marketplace eBay were worn by the contestants as they descended on the exotic location to find love.

Searches for “pre-milled clothes” increased by 1,600 percent eBay after the show airs.

New data from eBay reveals that demand is still strong, with 49 per cent of Brits planning to buy the fashion favorite in 2023. People aged 18 to 34 are most open to buying second-hand clothes, with 74 per cent planning to do so, compared to 31 per cent of over-55s.

For Season 9, ‘Love Island’ once again teamed up with eBay to fuel conversations sustainability and encourage shoppers to be more environmentally conscious in their closets.

Why is popular fashion growing in popularity?

Clothes and shoes are responsible for water pollution, greenhouse gases emissions and landfill. With the advent of fast fashion, the amount of clothing produced and thrown away skyrocketed.

Shopping for popular items saves money and money Environment. 50 percent of survey respondents said they bought second-hand because it’s cheaper, while 48 percent cited environmental reasons.

eBay estimates that if every shopper bought one pre-loved fashion Instead of buying new goods a month, the UK could dispose of 6,000 tonnes – the equivalent of more than 260,000 filled suitcases.

IN EUof the 5.8 million tons of textiles that consumers throw away each year, only a quarter recycled according to the European Commission. Friends of the Earth Europe says the remaining 4.3 million tonnes will be landfilled. This equates to 60 garbage trucks of clothing being incinerated or buried in landfill every minute.

How will popular outfits appear in “Love Island” Season 9?

Islanders will be dressed by celebrity stylist Amy Bannerman, who has worked with celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Lena Dunham and Jonathan Van Ness.

They will fill their common wardrobe in the iconic “Love Island” villa. from second-hand items from eBay, the following four themes: ‘Tutti Frutti’, ‘Business vs Party’, ‘Dressed up Denim’ and ‘Heavy Metal’.

The e-commerce platform is also taking the opportunity to promote its Verified Sneakers and Imperfects line by incorporating them into the show.

Certain branded items that sell above certain thresholds on the platform are screened for authenticity by industry experts in an effort to create consumer confidence.

The platform describes its Imperfects line as the supermarket equivalent.disgusting vegetables‘ initiative. It offers clothing, shoes and accessories that are considered new but with defects from more than 100 high-end and high-end designers including North Face, Off White, Puma, Fila and Timberland at up to 60 percent off.

Defects may include minor scuffs or marks, missing button, loose thread, or ex-display items that cannot be sold at full price.

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