Lightsum and designer Weinsanto launch the Metaverse fashion line

K-Pop sensation LIGHTSUM and fashion maestro Victor Weinsanto together with Brand New Vision (BNV) announce the launch of M3TALOVE. specialized meta version focused on fashion. Brand New Vision is a top fashion metaverse market. This collaboration was first announced at Paris Fashion Week in September 2022. Read on to learn more about this enchanting project.

Image of eight digital wearables by K-Pop group LIGHTSUM designed by Victor Weinsanto


Victor Weinsanto graced Paris Fashion Week last year among many top fashion designers, but another X-factor on his menu was the launch of his digital wearable collection. Protégé Jean Paul Gaultier developed eight virtual designs for K-Pop girl group Lightsum. In addition, this is one of the first ever official K-POP Digital Wearables collections. The fashion line starts at the BNV market on January 16.

The wearables will be sold as NFTs on BNV with digital and real tools from all the artists involved in this unique fashion line. The fashion collectibles are the product of a mega collaboration between the trio. A total of 600 units, the collection comes in Super-rare (36 pieces) and Rare (564 pieces) tiers. Each will have its own tools and advantages. BNV NFT holders (and affiliate list registrations allowed) can purchase wearables before the launch date and also at a discounted price.

Tools Fashion Collection

LIGHTSUM digital wearables are inspired by the unique character and personality of each LIGHTSUM member. Some of the utilities of the project are below:

  • LIGHTSUM Zoom Call: The first 3 collectors who own a full SR M3TALOVE NFT set have a chance to win a 15-minute zoom call with a K-Pop group.
  • Glasses: A pair of M3TALOVE glasses designed by Weinsant have dropped into all holders that will be wearable on the metaverse platform
  • Interoperability: All holders will also be able to wear their M3TALOVE outfits in both Decentraland and The Sandbox
  • Exclusivity: All holders will be able to join BNV’s exclusive Discord channel and earn free FA$H Creds that can be used throughout the BNV ecosystem as loyalty points. The amount of FA$H Cred awarded will depend on the rarity level of the NFT held by the user
  • IRL Events: Airdrop 2 free NFT tickets inviting holders to the next BNV physical event
  • Behind the Scenes Items: Airdrop of an exclusive NFT offering behind-the-scenes footage of the 3D design process. The amount of FA$H Cred awarded will also depend on the rarity level of the NFT held by the user.
  • Another benefits: Other perks of the collection include physical posters of the group. In addition, holders also have a chance to get 2 front row seats at a future Weinsanto fashion show. They’ll also get tickets to behind-the-scenes designer meet-and-greets.

You can collect your LIGHTSUM x Weinsanto digital wearables at the Brand New Vision Marketplace. BNV is also a stand-alone leading fashion NFT platform of the future. The platform is now a giant gateway to the meta for fashion brands and designers. Additionally, BNV helps fashion pioneers and innovators navigate the complexities and technical requirements of Web3.0 and metaverse integration.


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