Kate Middleton’s 20 Favorite Fashion Items of 2022 You Can Still Shop This Year | Vanity Fair

In honor Kate MiddletonBirthday month, we’re celebrating the Princess of Wales’ iconic style by looking back at the fabulous fashions she wore last year.

As we prepare for what should be another twelve months of exciting royal looks, from an upcoming coronation dress fit for a princess to a string of New Year’s public engagement ensembles, there’s no doubt Kate will continue to turn heads in 2023. year has been extremely busy for Kate, it’s impossible to honor the princess without highlighting some of her most popular looks and fashion items that royal lovers everywhere have been trying to get their hands on.

The ‘Kate Effect’ was still alive and well in 2022 after Kate wore 17 different looks on her Central American and Caribbean tour with her husband in March. prince william. During the tour, the mother of three tried on everything from playful dresses and sparkly gowns to cargo pants and sneakers. In the summer, the princess, who recently received the new title of colonel of the Irish Guards from King Charles, made waves as she attended Wimbledon for several days in an array of bright summer dresses accessorized with chic handbags and cool shades. Off the grass courts, the princess didn’t disappoint as she wowed crowds around the world at more formal events, including the London premiere Top Gun: Maverickwhere she stunned on the arm Tom Cruise in a black and white Roland Mouret gown.

But when tragedy struck the family in September, Kate switched on in choosing sophisticated all-black looks Queen Elizabethfuneral and events honoring the late monarch’s legacy after her death.

To end the year, William and Kate went to America on a tour of Boston in December. There, Kate showed off a series of jewel-toned winter looks that included Alexander McQueen pantsuits, Mulburry handbags, a classic Burberry plaid dress and a vintage Chanel tweed jacket she wore courtside at a Celtics game.

Despite the non-stop 2022 – a year that celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and mourned her death – the princess relied on a bevy of classic looks for every occasion. And while some of the royal designer clothes are not available to the masses, Kate always successfully balances bespoke couture items with a range of affordable brands. So if you’re looking to snag some of Kate’s most popular pieces from last year to update your New Year’s wardrobe, you’re in luck!

Whether you missed some of Kate’s spring-inspired pieces from her Caribbean tour in March, were desperate for her favorite Superga sneakers, or tried to snag her coveted official Vampire Wives portrait dress, we’ve rounded up a selection of what Princess Kate wore in 2022 , that you can still get your hands on in the new year.

Upgrade your wardrobe for 2023 and shop some of Kate’s best pieces from last year. But don’t wait too long or the “Kate Effect” will catch on to these items as well.

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