Jack Nicholson’s pals are raising the alarm over his reclusive lifestyle

“His socializing days are long gone”

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Close friends of Jack Nicholson are raising the alarm over the legendary actor’s disappearance from the public eye as he increasingly lives his life as a recluse.

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An insider told RadarOnline that the three-time Oscar winner “doesn’t want to face reality anymore and that’s just sad” because he lives alone in his sprawling Los Angeles mansion on what he once called “Bad Boy Hill” because of his rowdy neighbors Warren Beatty and the late Marlon Brando.

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Nicholson, once a fixture in his courtroom seats to watch his beloved Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, has not been seen in public for more than a year. The 85-year-old was last seen at a game in October 2021 with his son Ray, one of his five children.

“He made it clear that his home was his castle. But people just wish he would come out of the house and jump out to tell them how — or at least reassure people that he’s fine,” a source told RadarOnline.

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Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon in a scene from 2006's The Departed.
Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon in a scene from 2006’s The Departed. Photo by Warner Bros.

“Jack is in touch with certain relatives – particularly Ray, his protégé, who he is so proud of – but his social days are long gone,” added the insider.

Friends now fear that Nicholson is headed down the same path as his longtime friend Brando, who turned into a recluse in his later years before his death at age 80 in 2004.

“Brando died a virtual recluse after leading such a colorful life, and Jack’s friends are making the comparison,” the source said.

Several insiders said Nicholson could be suffering from dementia, telling the paper his “mind is gone”.

“Jack and I have been friends for years and he doesn’t leave the house anymore… I think his son and daughter are taking care of him now,” a friend said in 2021.

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“The Mulholland Drive community is very close and everyone is worried about him. He’s physically fine – but his mind is gone. It’s really sad to see such a super talented actor like Jack go down this path.”

Nicholson, who made his film debut in the 1958 B-movie The Cry Baby Killerlast appeared on screen in a supporting role opposite Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson in 2010 How do you know.

In 2013, Radar Online reported that Nicholson had left acting due to memory loss.

“Jack — without fanfare — retired,” an insider told Radar at the time.

“His decision has a simple reason – memory loss.” Frankly, at 76 years old, Jack has memory problems and can no longer remember what lines were asked of him.

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But Nicholson was quick to shoot down reports that he was leaving Hollywood.

“I have the brain of a mathematician… I won’t work until I die, that’s why I didn’t start it,” he told Britain. sun. “I mean, I’m not driven. I was driven – but I’m not, I don’t have to be there anymore. In fact, there’s a part of me that’s never really liked being out there… You grow old, you change.’


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After a slow rise, his big breakthrough came in 1969 Easy riderwhich earned him the first of 12 Academy Award nominations.

In a 2002 interview with New York Times to promote his Oscar-nominated role in About SchmidtNicholson said that by the time the role came along, he had almost given up hope of ever rising above mediocrity.

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“I didn’t throw a pose for 10 to 12 years of failure,” he said. “Like, ‘You can use me or you can’t. I can tell you my credits. I can charm you. But I’m actually the best actor in my age group.” That was the kind of mold I got into when I got casual job interviews. False confidence, but you have to trust it to a certain extent.’

At the time, he also told the paper that he began to take to heart the advice he had long shared with aging actresses who worried about the lack of acting opportunities.

“‘Will you be quiet?’ he told them. “This is a self-defeating piece of constant public relations that you do. It’s a negative autohypnotic mantra.” For the first time, I feel limited by my age because I can’t just play anyone. But the more you talk about it, the more it comes true.”

in 2015 Closer weekly stated that Nicholson was afraid of “dying alone in that house”.

Legendary lothario who dated actress Anjelica Huston for 17 years he was married once, still looking for love.

“I’d like one last romance,” he reportedly said. “But I’m not very realistic about that happening. What I cannot deny is my desire.”

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