How to Watch Netflix Tudum 2022 Online: Start Time, Shows, Movies, Schedule & More

It’s almost time to watch the Netflix Tudum 2022 live stream and get a glimpse into the future of Netflix. After a very tumultuous year and without a strong fall TV lineup, Netflix has an hour-long series with a cast to tease you about why you should stay—and why it deserves to keep its place at the top of our list of best streaming services.

Netflix Tudum start date and time

The US and European portion of Netflix Tudum starts Saturday (September 24) at 1pm ET / 10am PT / 6am BST, but that’s not the start of the event.

Korea, on Friday (September 23) receives the first leg of Tudum, at 11 am KST / 7 pm PT.

The full schedule is below.

The biggest show on Netflix right now is Stranger Things, as its last season was a huge success, which makes us very excited for Stranger Things Season 5 (which the writers recently started work on). Of course, the Stranger Things 5 ​​trailers would be too far. That said, if we’re told Eddie Munson is coming back? We’d take that as news enough.