His best apparel from the 2022 Bengals season

Fans know Joe Burrow for his golden arm and confident play on the field for the Cincinnati Bengals. But those who follow his every move recognize him for another important characteristic: his unique fashion.

Burrow’s wardrobe has garnered national attention and earned him a spot on the New York Times’ Most Stylish People list of last year. The gunslinger doesn’t just dress to impress.

He dresses to win.

In honor of the Bengals’ second straight playoff appearance, we’ve taken a look at some of Joey B’s most notable fashion choices from the 2022 season.

However, beware: This content may contain too many drops.

Week 2 vs. Dallas Cowboys

This plaid jacket was the first item that caught our eye this season. His maroon pants, paired with matching Nike shoes and Cartier sunglasses pulled the whole outfit together, but the Bengals couldn’t get the win, losing 17-20.

Cartier shades have been a common theme for Burrow dating back to last year’s playoff run. Cornerback Chidobe Awuzie said the two visited a Cartier store during a trip to Las Vegas last summer and an employee recommended an item that “this guy Joe Burrow” had made “very popular,” not realizing he was talking to the Bengals quarterback himself.

Did Joe alone increase Cartier’s authority in pop culture?

Week 4 vs. Miami Dolphins

The Bengals didn’t travel to Miami to play the Dolphins in Week 4, but Burrow still dressed in theme before the Sept. 29 game.

It was the main event on Thursday Night Football, so Joey B had to dress to the nines. He donned this floral suit which led to another nickname being added to his long list of nicknames, this Joey Flowers.

Burrow threw for 287 yards and two touchdowns and the Bengals won 27-15. Lucky suit?

Week 5 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Burrow and company played in their second straight primetime game in Week 5 when they took on the Ravens on October 9th. The quarterback had to suit up again. He just had to.

This black (what it looks like) paisley print suit and accompanying bag were spot on.

The Bengals lost the game 19-17, but you can’t say Burrow didn’t look good doing it.

Week 7 vs. Atlanta Falcons

This outfit wasn’t for everyone, but it definitely caught the attention of the internet. Burrow showed individuality with this choice, as the blue NASA-themed crew neck was truly out of this world.

NASA merch is part of the rapper Kid Cudi Collection. Cudi and Burrow are friends and even starred in a Bose commercial together. The quarterback previously said listening to Cudi’s music is a staple of his pregame activities and sent the rapper his game jersey after the Bengals won the AFC Championship Game last season.

The Bengals handled the Falcons with ease, winning 35-17.

Week 8 vs. Cleveland Browns

This get-up was simple, but Mr. Burrow understood the assignment: Halloween. The sweatshirt with ‘Boo’ across the chest was perfect for a spooky holiday and the bomber jacket was a nice addition.

However, the result of the game was as scary as a haunted house. The Browns won 32-13.

Week 11 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Who doesn’t love rap legends Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, the dynamic duo from Scranton, PA known as Electric City? Joe Burrow paid homage to the stars of “The Office” during his trip to Pennsylvania with this sweatshirt in Week 11. His jacket and hat added a little flair.

Burrow’s playing was also electric. He threw for 355 yards and four touchdowns in a 37–30 win.

Week 12 vs. Tennessee Titans

I don’t have much to add to this. This jacket was too fresh not to make the list.

Burrow threw for 270 yards and a touchdown against the Titans and the team won its third straight, 20-16.

Week 13 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Does this maroon suit confirm that Burrow loved Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ album? Eh, not really, but it helped him develop his real (whistling) legacy.

The Bengals beat the Chiefs — who they beat last season in the AFC Championship — 27-24. The LSU product threw for 286 yards and two touchdowns and completed just over 80% of his passes.

Week 14 vs. Cleveland Browns

The black hat, t-shirt, pants and leather jacket combo was stylish, but also showed that Joe was serious about his AFC North rival. The Ohioan earned his first career win over the Browns in Week 14, throwing for two touchdowns in a 23-10 win.

Bucket hats have come back into style in recent years, and Burrow has fully embraced the trend. He also played at UFC 276 last summer.

Week 16 vs. New England Patriots

Ron Swanson’s Holiday Sweater is a must have when you play on Christmas Day. Those are just the rules.

Burrow completed 40 of 52 passes against the Patriots for 375 yards and three touchdowns and the Bengals won 22–18. It was the perfect gift for the Who Dey faithful.

Week 18 vs. Baltimore Ravens

January is turtleneck season, and this combination of a white sweater, overcoat and Cartier shades further proved why fans call the quarterback Joe Cool.

Burrow’s 215 yards and one touchdown led his team to its eighth straight win (27-16) and helped clinch a home playoff game with the Bengals.

Stay tuned for Burrow’s playoff attire. We know he won’t disappoint.

This was from last season's Super Bowl, but we had to include it anyway.

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