Here’s how the Hermes Kelly bag became a fashion icon fit for the Royals

The Hermes Kelly bag has become one of the most iconic pieces in the fashion world for good reason.

Anyone who is interested in elite and luxury fashion has certainly already heard of the luxury brand Hermes. The company was founded in Paris, France and is widely known as Hermes of Paris. It is currently one of the most elite brands in the world and has been evolving since its founding in 1837.

The company has a wide range for those interested in their brand, but the luxury brand’s most notable designs are the Birkin and Kelly handbags. These bags are their most popular design and are made of excellent materials. Despite the massive demand for these bags, Hermes has made sure that their brand owners feel the exclusivity of the brand.


Hermes Kelly is extremely hard to get your hands on these days as the brand wanted to cater to the elite and royalty. These bags are often seen on millionaires and celebrities. Hermes became fashionable among the elite thanks to the prominent actress Grace Kelly, who later became the Princess of Monaco.

The bag made huge waves in Hollywood because of Grace Kelly. See how the bag became a bag fit for royalty and the elite.

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The inspiration behind the luxury bag

The Hermes Kelly bag was inspired by the prominent actress of the 1950s, Grace Kelly, who lived from 1929 to 1982. The actress appeared in films such as Fourteen Hours, Rear Window, Mogambo, Green Fire, The Swan, High Society and many others. Kelly became an influential actress during her prime and eventually met and settled down with Prince Rainier III in April 1956.

The actress became the Princess Consort of Monaco. Royal is known for her sophisticated taste in fashion and later developed her own glamorous style, which she displays on the goods of the luxury brand Hermes, one of her most popular brands.

She wore the luxury handbag to the most important events of her life, even when announcing her engagement and during her pregnancy. The Princess of Monaco was often seen using the Sac à dépêches bag, which was invented during the 1930s. It was the original Kelly bag. Photos of the influential Hollywood actress holding a Hermes bag at the time became extremely popular around the world and were even used as the front cover of several magazines at the time. The public began to call the bag the Kelly bag. Photos of the Princess of Monaco using the bag gave the luxury brand the exposure it needed to further promote its brand.

How Hermes Kelly Rose as an icon in fashion

Hermes decided to rename the bag, naming it after the Princess of Monaco, as pictures of the former actress with the bag became an iconic image in the media. Kelly used a bag to cover up her pregnant belly, which is probably why the bag is usually prominent in her photos.

This led to doubling the production of the bag as tons of celebrities and rich people wanted to use the same bag. The Prince of Monaco helped found the Kelly brand and handbag, making it a symbol of wealth around the world. It became the most sought-after fashion must-have of the time throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

Since Grace Kelly led a high-profile life, she greatly influenced the fashion industry with her choices. The public and celebrities in Hollywood follow her fashion statement. Although Hermes was already an established brand at the time, the bag named after the former actress increased their prestige and gave their brand exposure.

Soon Hermes became a must have in the fashion industry, specifically the iconic Kelly bag. Every woman at the time wanted to get her hands on a Kelly bag. They were interested in mirroring the look of the Princess of Monaco, and replicating her look wouldn’t be complete without a Kelly bag.

Intricate details Kelly

The Hermes Kelly design was created by Robert Dumas and Hermes takes great care with its bag manufacturing. Producing a luxury Kelly bag requires extreme dedication and skill. Each bag is made by one artisan and takes them approximately 18 hours to complete a bag. The artisan joins together 36 separate pieces of leather to create the bag using about 680 hand stitches.

Kelly has been created using the most expensive hides and skins available. The lining of the Kelly bag is made of goat leather and the rest of the bag is made of durable leather. There are also stunning grains and patterns that have been added to the bag to give it a distinctive look.

The Princess of Monaco has often been seen with two types of Hermes Kelly bags, which have also become popular with the public. Both bags are made of crocodile skin, same design with dark brown and dark blue colors. The crocodile skin design has made it extremely popular in Hollywood.

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