Here are the best fashion moments from the 2023 Golden Globes

The 2023 Golden Globes took place on January 10, and in addition to the award winners, the red carpet gave Latin stars a way to stand out and show off. From classic suits to stunning gowns, some of your favorites like Jenna Ortega and Colman Domingo hit the red carpet to impress.

Despite the intense wet weather that hit Los Angeles, actors and entertainers strutted down the red carpet decked out in Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other designers. And we love seeing our communities dress up and represent us on national platforms, especially when they celebrate works by Latina creators or roles.

Here’s a list of the best-dressed celebrities who just blew our minds (we’re looking at you Michaela Jaé Rodriguez) with their fashion choices.


Michaela Jae Rodriguez

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez wowed the audience as she stepped out in a stunning dress from the recently released Balmain collection. Some fans were gagging that she managed to get the newly released gown on her body for the awards show, but it shows just how eager the designers are to dress. Pose star as he continues to conquer Hollywood.


Selena Gomez

selena gomez (Only murders in the building) was and moment in his fluffy Valentino sleeves. The shades of purple and the cut of the silhouette give us major Montegue and Capulet vibes. She was stunning and poised shared a sweet moment with her younger sister who was dressed in a gold dress to perfectly complement Gomez.


Colman Domingo

Domingo (Fear of the walking dead and Euphoria) showed up in a classic black Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo, but with some shiny embellishments to make him stand out. It might be a simple way to dress up for a big night, but the subtlety of the glossy black trim really makes it something to feast on the eye.


Salma Hayek Pinault

Hollywood royalty Salma Hayek Pinault knows her way around the red carpet and knows how to turn heads. Gucci created a custom corset dress that not only fit the superstar perfectly, but also gave her the sparkle that the projection is known for. We love seeing her in her element and she definitely gave us her life when she arrived at the 2023 Golden Globes.


Mark Indelicato

We knew that Mark Indelicato (With love) would show up with his outfit and we were proven right. The actor showed up in a vintage cream Christian Lacroix suit, showing that men can take a classic and really make it shine. More men should take note and start working on some fun colors and fabrics to move forward because it is so needed.


Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) channeled all the ethereal Gucci vibes in her flowy brown dress with a cut-out waist. The jewel-studded necklace was the perfect pairing to give her a casual yet perfectly coiffed boho chic look. She was a picture of beauty and we loved to witness her her new hairstyle and colorwhich fans are obsessed with.


Ana de Armas

Nothing says Hollywood like glitz and glitz, and Ana de Armas knows how to deliver that vibe. Louis Vuitton’s silver studded black dress dazzled on the red carpet just the same Blonde the actress arrived ready to present. Her dress was a simple yet elegant way for her to honor the night and the entertainment industry.


Anya Taylor-Joy

Star of Offer showed up in a yellow Dior bra top and skirt that matched her straight hairstyle perfectly. While everyone came with corsets and dramatic flares to go with the outfit, Anya Taylor-Joy showed up in a subdued yet playful gown, perfect for the woman who rose to national prominence in Queen’s Gambit.

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