For Functional Fabric Fashion House, Smith & Quinn, versatility is a virtue

By design, fashion is a tool to tell the world what we are about. At the very least, it is a canvas where our most indulgent ideas can illustrate the words we seek, a vessel for communication that only we hold the keys to. Naturally, it can be challenging to put these pieces together, especially when there are so many parts of our personality scrambling for the driver’s seat. When Smith & Quinn, artistic utility is expertly woven into ready-to-wear garments that are as functional as they are dynamic, simplifying the art of self-expression by allowing more time for the activities you enjoy most without wasting energy building a robust wardrobe. Versatility is queen at Smith & Quinn, delivering a range of patterns and fabrics that look as good as they feel. Since its inception, Smith & Quinn has dominated the ready-to-wear (RTW) game by delivering practical clothing for men, women, brides and everything in between, challenging our understanding of how fashion can work and where we choose to highlight its many different limbs.


Smith & Quinn is named after two of the company’s most prolific personalities: Kaeli Smith, founder and lead designer, and her partner, Danny Quinn, CEO. Smith has been creating and designing since childhood, then studied art and fashion in college before launching the current iteration of Smith & Quinn in 2020. Throughout the company’s growth, their mission has remained the same. The ability to offer wearable designer fabrics that are also comfortably versatile at competitive prices is virtually unheard of in today’s fashion markets, placing Smith & Quinn at the forefront of what is sure to be a renaissance in RTW collections.

Part of what sets Smith & Quinn apart from its counterparts is the breathable quality of their signature S&Q Italian Matte Stretch fabric, the anatomy of which can be found in most of their designs, such as the Maeve Dress or the Smitty Polo. These garments are designed for a variety of occasions, from golf and tennis to leisure wear and weekend snacks. Unique to Smith & Quinn is the harmony of athleticism and luxurious creativity that supports an active lifestyle that is energized by bespoke art. The company’s fabrics are the basis of their loyal following because most of them are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. Whether it’s a pickleball match with your best friend or a higher uniform for your bridal party, Smith & Quinn ticks all the boxes and then some.

A familiar obstacle to fashion thinking is the challenge of taking your sense of style on the road, in the air or on the water. Stripping your travel clothes down to the bare minimum while maintaining a zest for individuality is an art form to say the least, and Smith & Quinn walks the tightrope by offering dynamic collections that travel exceptionally well, thanks in large part to their RTW designs. These pieces require very little assembly or decorating and can be easily hidden without worrying about creasing, making for a stress-free trip. Smith & Quinn is designed for all lifestyles, but speaks directly to curious people who know how to work hard but play harder.

Since the official launch of the company, Smith & Quinn has rapidly expanded its wholesale and digital domains to include select PGA retail stores, where it was named a “Top 5 Brand” of 2022. Additionally, Smith & Quinn truly excels at rolling out RTW clothing that is as versatile as the bodies that choose to wear it. . The brand customization department offers plenty of room to bring your most vivid ideas to life, putting the power of personality in the palm of your hand. As a family business, Smith & Quinn exhibits a cosmopolitan flair with a distinctly domestic authenticity, never compromising the quality of its designs for global expansion. In many ways, Smith & Quinn heralds tomorrow’s most compelling evolutions in fashion, combining function and contemporary prowess to dress the modern visionary. At its core, fashion is a language that transforms itself with ideas that bring everything from a belt buckle to a zip-up jacket to life. While words may not mean the same thing from person to person, the art of conversation through quality clothing doesn’t have to be difficult and with Smith & Quinn discussing tomorrow, the best is yet to come in dynamic taste.

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