China’s National Silk Museum opens a new fashion exhibition in Hangzhou, reflecting the development of Chinese fashion design over the past 30 years

HANGZHOU, China, January 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The National Silk Museum of China presents a new exhibition, “The Fashion of All Beings: Thirty Years of Chinese Fashion Design” – running from December 30, 2022 on February 19, 2023 in Hangzhou. He is co-curator of the museum together with the China Fashion Designers Association and the College of Clothing Sci-Tech University of Zhejiang.

The exhibition exhibits the works of the winner of the China International Young Fashion Designers Contest and emerging designers who have entered the international fashion scene, fashion magazines and periodicals, and university fashion experts. The exhibition presents the changes that have occurred in Chinese fashion design and the development of Chinese fashion design. over the past three decades.

Looking back at the development of modern Chinese fashion design, 1993 was a pivotal year. in May 1993the first China International Apparel and Accessories Fair (CHIC) was held. Peking, China’s first international competition for young fashion designers “Brother Cup” was successfully held, and the Chinese Association of Fashion Designers was also established that year. On the second day of the opening of the CHIC exhibition, the president at the time Jiang Zemin met world-renowned fashion designers including Valentino, Gianfranco Ferré and Pierre Cardinwhich showed the world Chinese dedication to modern fashion design and progress made in the fashion industry incl China in time, when. Also designers, entrepreneurs, educational circles and fashion media in China their voices were heard on the international stage for the first time, making 1993 a symbolic moment for the Chinese fashion industry.

Divided into four sections: “Ambition of Young Designers”, “Chinese Design on the International Stage”, “Vision of Fashion Media” and “Light of Fashion Education Dreams”, the exhibition shows not only the overall development Chinese contemporary fashion design, fashion media and fashion education, but also changes in contemporary Chinese culture from a fashion perspective. Through 30 years of history, visitors to the exhibition can go through the evolution of fashion design and education in Chinawhile reflecting on the influence of culture, design trends, technology, media and other factors on the development of the Chinese fashion industry.

SOURCE China National Silk Museum

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