AquaTech AxisGO: The ultimate waterproof smartphone case

I have a nice camera with decent zoom, but my surf breaks are too far from shore to capture them, and a waterproof case is out of my price range. Divers, rowers, swimmers and anglers who want to document your adventures – take note: AxisGO is a great solution.

The quality of phone cameras these days is amazing and after doing some research, I discovered that there are a number of phone cases designed to protect your phone during your water adventures. After digging around the internet and reading about the different options, AxisGO seemed like the best bet in an affordable price range, so I ordered a case for my iPhone 13.

I live in Hawaii and am in the ocean every day. Although I would try any water sport, my staples are surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and freediving.

In short: When I was in the market for housing, I was looking for something that wasn’t too bulky to float around with while surfing and diving. I also wanted it to have a decent depth rating so I could free dive with it and go on shallow water diving adventures. The AxisGO ($179 and up) ticked all my boxes. Here’s how he presented himself.

AquaTech AxisGO housing review

AxisGO Housing - Review

How to use a waterproof case

Designed specifically for the iPhone, AxisGO 13 works with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13. (AxisGO currently has models for the iPhone XR, 11, 12, and 13, with the 14 coming soon.)

To use, you simply place your phone in the case. (If you have an iPhone 13 Pro, you insert the stand first and then insert your phone.) The waterproof housing provides access to all three iPhone 13 lenses, and the glass lens port is scratch-resistant.

AxisGO for iPhone 13

The case features a rear touch membrane that allows you to have full access to the touch screen so you can easily use your favorite apps, take selfies and instantly send your photos to your contacts. AxisGO 13 supports the latest features of the new iPhone, including Macro, Cinematic Mode and RAW shooting.

The bottom of the housing has attachment points for the Bluetooth pistol grip and the front has threads for attaching the turret, both of which are optional accessories.

AxisGO Accessories

When purchasing AxisGO, you have the option to simply buy a case, a set or individual accessories. The offered accessories are AxisGO Dome, on Bluetooth pistol gripa dome covera cleaning and scratch removal kitan action montage kita protective caseand a sports strap. The dome allows you to take stunning over/under shots and the Bluetooth pistol grip allows you to take photos with the push of a button.

Testing the waters with AxisGO

Testing the AxisGO case
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

Taking your phone in the water is very counterintuitive, but with the AxisGO case, my phone feels well protected. I’m not usually a big fan of all the tweaking required to figure it out, but AxisGO was straightforward. There are even videos on the website to guide you through all the features.

I love that you just put your phone in the case, close it and you’re ready to go. Snap makes it easy to know when your phone is fully protected.

The touchscreen doesn’t work as well as if your phone wasn’t in the case, but you can access everything. And compared to other options out there, it works well. Many lower priced waterproof cases will not have this touchscreen feature.

AxisGO housing underwater
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

I’m not usually one to buy add-ons, but the accessories offered by AxisGO definitely enhanced the experience. The Bluetooth pistol grip makes it easy to attach the case while swimming and diving, and it was great to be able to take pictures with just the click of a button.

And the dome allows you to take above/underwater shots, which I found very cool. I’m also a fan of the sport band because the case isn’t floating, so it’s important to make sure your phone and case stay in your hand.


There are other options for waterproof cases ranging from over $350 to $500 that do have better depth ratings of 30-40m, but they also come at a higher price. We wish AxisGO had a bit more depth. But for now, the 10m depth speed, price and hull performance make it a great option.

AxisGO Corpus: Conclusion

Is AxisGO Housing for you? Priced at $179-$219 (less than $200 if you have an iPhone XR, 11, or 12), this case is hard to beat. This price is definitely lower than GoPro or Olympus Tough Underwater Camera, or other housing optionsand it’s definitely cheaper than buying a new phone if you take yours out into the water unprotected (and drop it).

Overall, I’m a big fan of this housing case! It has all the features I want. It offers fun, compatible accessories and is easy to use. I hope that in future models they will improve the depth rating so that users can take it on deeper dives. I’m excited to get it AxisGO getting out more often and continuing to work on my underwater photography skills.

Check the price at AquaTech. Check the price on Amazon

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