Apple releases fix for camera shake bug on iPhone 14 Pro

UPDATE 9/22: Apple has released iOS 16.0.2 which fixes the camera error issue.

“The camera may vibrate and produce blurry photos when you shoot with some third-party apps on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max,” Apple says in the release notes.

The update also fixes an issue where “the display may appear completely black during device setup.” It also stops the constant permission requests when copying and pasting content, as well as touch problems on older iPhones after service and VoiceOver not working after a reboot.

Original story:
Apple has acknowledged and promised to fix a bug that causes the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max’s rear camera to shake when used with certain third-party apps.

An update — the second so far for Apple’s new smartphones — will roll out “next week,” according to Bloomberg.

The new iPhone 14 models hit shelves on Friday, and buyers soon reported a catalog of problems, including a problem with FaceTime activation and repeated requests for permission to copy and paste (a fix for the latter is also reportedly coming). In this case, users took to social media to complain about camera shake and rattling sounds when taking photos with the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

“Yes, you can see it moving,” YouTuber Luke Miani said in a video posted to Twitter on Saturday, adding that his phone was “due for a visit to the Apple Store.” Miani isn’t the only one dealing with the so-called buzz bug, which, if we didn’t know better, could be mistaken for a sci-fi filter to create vibrating, humming scenes.

The glitch, Bloomberg explains, is the result of malfunctioning optical image stabilization technology, which is designed to take sharp photos even if you accidentally move the phone.

“We are aware of the issue and a fix will be released next week,” an Apple spokesperson reports CNBC. The company did not immediately respond to PCMag’s request for comment.

The issue doesn’t appear to affect Apple’s pre-installed camera capabilities, nor the base iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models, suggesting the issue is with the Pro and Pro Max iDevices—which feature a triple rear camera (including an ultra-wide macro mode and 3x telephoto) and 48-megapixel Quad Bayer sensor.

Affected users are encouraged to avoid situations that cause their camera to shake or make a screeching/rattling sound, as this could damage the phone, notes 9to5Mac.