Apple CarPlay Wireless Adapter: Is It Worth It?

Apple CarPlay has been transforming the way drivers stay connected since 2014. The technology has become standard in several vehicles as automakers have implemented it into their cars. Wireless Apple CarPlay has undergone major changes over the years, but not everything has been rosy. Wireless Apple CarPlay has its problems. So, is it worth investing in a wireless Apple CarPlay adapter?

Apple CarPlay has made driving a little safer

A person choosing Apple CarPlay on an infotainment system, with a potential wireless Apple CarPlay adapter.  .
Apple CarPlay | Getty Images

The evolution of technology has put everything we want at our fingertips. Today, we rely on our smartphones for almost everything, including the weather, weather, navigation, phone calls, etc. While using your phone is easy, doing so while driving is dangerous. Therefore, when Apple introduced Apple CarPlay in 2014, it was a welcome idea among users.