Anshula Kapoor shares a ‘hack’ for flawless mascara application

One of the most underrated makeup products that will instantly lift your look without doing much is definitely mascara. A generous coat of mascara on you eyelashes they can look brighter and enhanced, making way for brighter, larger eyes. Usually people squirm eyelashes so that the product is applied evenly and smoothly. However, it can be complicated for many!

To make it easier for you, Anshula Kapoor recently shared a simple mascara hack. “So I saw this hack on Instagram about how to apply mascara. I’ll give it a try,” she began in the video.

She went on to demonstrate a method where “every time you flick the wand over your lashes, you’re supposed to blink.” He adds that he is “deathly afraid” of eyelash tweezers, Anshula she tried this trick without curling her lashes before applying mascara.

She put it on for the other eye mascara in the usual way. “Dude, I sure can tell. I feel that the first one is curled and the second one is straight. This technique works. People like me who are afraid to use eyelash curlers can achieve some curl definition and the lashes are visible,” she said. This technique “is designed to curl lashes and add volume without the need to curl them beforehand.”

Anshula added that she is “100% obsessed” with the hack because it worked. “I can see my eyelashes! Although mine eyes smile and disappear, eyelashes are visible. So if you’re like me and dread curling your lashes, or just want some added definition, try this one. And if you’ve already tried it, tell me if it worked for your lashes as well?” she concluded.

If tweezers don’t bother you, here’s a simple way to apply mascara, according to celebrity makeup artist Tushar Gupta.

*Curl your eyelashes: Place the curler at the root of the upper lashes, close the curler and hold it in place for a few seconds.

*Take mascara: Swirl the wand inside the box to get the product right. Be sure not to pump the wand into the tube repeatedly. This leads to air vacuum to keep the mascara dry.

*Start to coat your lashes: Start at the roots and repeat until you get the desired volume.

*Brush out clumps: If your lashes are stuck together or have clumps of mascara on them, you can Ridge out with eyebrow tweezers or use a disposable wand.

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