9 Genderless Fashion Labels owning 9 fashion brands that shop the stylish kid look

When it comes to dressing, Gen Z likes to experiment. In the post-pandemic world, this generation’s fashion has become more experimental, playful and less gendered. Not to forget, more individualistic! Gen Z is best at blurring the lines between street and high fashion. For some millennials, our fashion may be unfamiliar or different, but if you look closely, we strive to be different and make an impact that is generally overlooked by mass-produced companies. Raised on technology, we demand more realism from brands – our fashion cuts shouldn’t come with environmental costs or redundancies in quality. It’s fair to say that upcycling is sexy, and Gen Z designers know how to do it with grace. As ardent supporters of the phrase “Fashion has no gender”, we enjoy styling layered, oversized shapes, corsetry and denim that are fashionable across the gender spectrum.

So here are 8 Gen Z loved and owned brands that boast originality, creativity and inclusiveness. Each brand, unique in its narrative, stands out in its own right – suitable for a generation that likes to dress up as the main character every day.

1. BISOU by Sachi

The Jaipur-based brand’s vibrant collection includes casual wear, cute hats and conversation-starting t-shirts, all with patchwork and beautiful prints. Our favorite? Their statement patchwork pants!

2. Glean Studio

“Doing things differently, slowly, our way” aptly describes this brand. The brand focuses on slow fashion with beautiful, seasonal, one-of-a-kind pieces – from racing jackets in their latest collection to puffy jackets that are an independent girl’s dream.

3. HOS wear

From their ‘introverted’ printed denim to stunning knit cardigans, this new brand is the buzz of the town amongst celebrities. Striking pieces make it hard to pick a favorite.

4. Matcha Pret

As a brand that transcends binaries, Matcha Pret produces seasonless clothing that leans towards sustainability, à la upcycled clothing. The denim look of the “Noiva” gives a subtle nod to the Bridgerton era, but with a modern twist.

5. Vertical walking

Walking Vertical is a home brand with a creative space full of beautiful shapes and forms. Their signature jacket shirts in vibrant colors with a beautiful finish are wardrobe essentials, as are their beautiful handbags.

6. DK House

With its great details and striking colors, here’s a popular streetwear brand that will do the talking for you. House of DK is bold and sophisticated – using unique textile techniques and playful silhouettes.

7. Four in AO

Conceptual yet wearable in a classic color palette. Writer’s Tip: Embellished pants and a shirt skirt will satisfy all of our high fashion goth fantasies!

8. Sthala

Enter a dreamy world of beautiful minimalist clothing – chic block prints and comfortable jackets. The vintage Studio Ghibli-Esque dress from the latest collection should definitely be bookmarked.

9. Blue print

Blueprint’s latest collection features statement pieces that will look great on anyone, regardless of gender. Our absolute favorites are the blue print cargo pants and puffer vests.

Let this list inspire you to ditch that gray melange hoodie from 2016 and try something new!

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