12 Best Wireless Bras – Best Wireless Bras for Women 2023

wireless bras


Sometimes wearing a bra can feel like a necessary evil – it’s not want wear one but you do you want the support that the natural look doesn’t provide. And while underwires are proven when it comes to lift and support, they can be very unforgiving when it comes to comfort and movement – ​​which is where the best wireless bra will come in handy. So if you find yourself coming home at the end of each day to rip off your bra Flashdance style, maybe it’s time to go wireless.

Shopping for a bra can be time-consuming, and an ill-fitting bra can be uncomfortable at best (especially for those with larger busts). So we’ve found the best wireless bras just for you with the help of Victoria’s Secret Associate Alana Antol to give you more information on what, when and why to buy wireless bras.

Whether you need a simple layered bra to wear under your favorite sweaters or a new and improved source of everyday support, shop our list of the best (and most comfortable) wireless bras below.

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Best ‘Barely There’

Free people

Triangle Bralette

Key specifications

Sizes XS/S-LXL
Color Barbie Pink, Chocolate, Ivory, White, Cocoa, Black
Material Nylon, spandex

The best sculpture


Scoop Nude Bra

Key specifications

Sizes XXS-5X
Color sand, mica, clay, ocher, sienna, umber, oxide, cocoa, onyx
Material Nylon, spandex

The best news

For love and lemons

Glitter Bralette

Key specifications

Sizes XXS-XL
Color Gold
Material Polyester, elastane

The best street to study

Hello yoga

Micro Houndstooth bra

Key specifications

Sizes XS-L
Color Cranberry/Black, Hot Cocoa/Black, Dark Olive/Black
Material Nylon, polyester, spandex

Best for smaller busts

Calvin Klein

Modern unlined cotton triangle bralette

Key specifications

Sizes XS-XL
Color White, black, gray heather, coal heather/topaz
Material Cotton, modal, elastane

Best for larger busts


Soire Confidence Bralette

Sizes XS-XL (regular, curvy and elongated)
Color Black, Navy, Due, Quattro, Sei, Tre, Uno, White, Red, Sette, Congo, Neon Yellow, Himalayan Sky, Udaipur Blue
Material Polyamide, elastane

Best Push Ups

Victoria’s Secret

So Obsessed Wireless Push Up Bra

Key specifications

Sizes 32AA-38DDD
Color Raspberry, Moon Garden, Night Ocean, Deepest Green, Espresso, Black, Sweet Praline, Red Lipstick
Material Polyamide, elastane, recycled polyester

Best Lacey

Savage x Fenty

Romantic Cord Lace Bralette With Front Closure

Key specifications

Sizes XS-4X
Color Goji Berry Red, Playtime Purple, Black Caviar
Material Polyamide, elastane, polyester

Best strapless


Future Foundation Wire Free Strapless Bra

Key specifications

Sizes 30B-38DD
Color Night, natural
Material Nylon, spandex, polyester

The best pillow


Comfortable wireless bra with padding

Key specifications

Sizes 34A-36DD
Color Lieutenant Mocha, Black
Material Nylon, elastane, polyester

The best every day

Old Navy

Supima® Cotton-Blend Triangle Bralette

Key specifications

Sizes XS-4X
Color Red, Heather Grey, Frappe, Spicegirl, Quartzite, Navy, White, Bare Necessity, Cocoa Mocha, Black, Barely Pink, Dark Walnut, Maple Wood, Salt Floral, Earth Brown Stripe, Cheetah Neutral, Light Heather Grey, Navy Stripe, Gray Leopard, Leopard
Material Supima® cotton, modal, lycra

Best for DD+


Hunter High Impact sports bra

Key specifications

Sizes 32DD-40H
Color Leopard, Black
Material Recycled polyester, polyester

Why choose a wireless bra?

There are several reasons why a wireless bra might win out over your standard underwire option, the biggest of which is comfort. “Some people prefer a wireless bra mainly for comfort, or if they’ve had any kind of surgery — like a mastectomy, breast augmentation, or something like that,” Antol offers. Bones can also end up really tight, and we’ve all felt its impact at some point.

What to look for in a wireless bra

While wireless bras have several different features compared to underwire bras, you’ll still want to keep similar features in mind when choosing one—like material, coverage, and padding. If you’re looking for optimal support, Antol recommends looking for a slightly shaped or padded cup—not necessarily for a push-up effect, but more as an “enhanced” feature. “This will ensure that your breast tissue is molded or shaped into a natural-looking cup that will provide some lift or shape that underwire can usually provide,” she says.

When it comes to fabric, Antol always prefers “buttery, elastic fabricsor ones that have that ‘silky smooth’ feel.” And while cotton is certainly comfortable, Antol notes that it seems to stretch and lose its shape more quickly than other fabrics (like spandex or nylon). Of course, the weather and season can also play a role. Lighter, breathable fabrics are always preferable when temperatures rise so that moisture doesn’t build up and leave you with the dreaded chest sweat variation.

How to find the best fit in a wireless bra

If you want your wireless bra to serve its purpose (or any bra for that matter), make sure you know how to find the perfect fit. “The best way to find out is to go and measure yourself,” says Antol. “Keep in mind that all brands usually have different sizes and size conversions. So the size you wear at Victoria’s Secret may be different than the size you wear at Aerie, Soma, or anywhere else!” If you’re shopping online and unsure of your size, you can take your own measurements at home using a flexible measuring tape – measure above, below and right across your bust. This is more of a guide, but if you still need a little help there are tons of YouTube videos like this one to walk you through.

Because wireless bras are built differently, they may have a slightly different fit. “The Sed wireless bra can be a little tighter and feel like it’s ‘hugging’ you,” says Antol. She also notes that if you feel like you’re smudging or spilling somewhere (like underarms or around the band), you’re probably a size too small. In contrast, Antol notes that “if it’s too big, you’ll have an unfilled space between the breast tissue and the bra cup, also known as a gape.”

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