10 video games that have the most potential to be great movies, according to Reddit

Gone are the days is one of the most addictive zombie video games that isn’t The last of us, and Sony is developing a film adaptation starring Sam Heughan. So many horror video games have been adapted into movies in the past, whether it is Silent Hill or Resident Eviland Gone are the days can be more exciting than any of them.

But the survival game isn’t the first release that gamers thought would be on the list of games in urgent need of adaptation, and they have some ideas of their own about which ones have the most potential. As the race to create the first major video game movie continues, Redditors believe these games are the most likely candidates.


PossibilitySimilar28 wants to see Metal Gear Solid made it to the big screen, noting, “I love the story and I feel like it could be adapted as either a movie or a TV series. I’m already tired of everything being turned into a series, so I prefer a three-part movie. ” A three-part movie is pretty optimistic, given that the sequel will depend entirely on how successful the first film is. But given that Metal Gear Solid games are uncompromising in their uncompromising storytelling, the trilogy is exactly what it needs.

Either way, a hidden spy movie with Snake as the main character can be such an epic and fun action thriller. A Metal Gear Solid movie is currently in development, so the Redditor’s dream may indeed come true, but it’s been in development for a while.


Games are constantly evolving when it comes to storytelling, and that’s why so many fans want to see them brought to life on the big screen. However, ReddYYouBanMe chooses a game that dates back to 1986 and is more of a fun shooter with no concern for narrative, at least not until the later games.

Redditor thinks so Metroid has tons of potential, postulating, “I’d go with a Blade Runner answers aliens approach for a Metroid movie. Basically a mystery mixed with solid action, topped off with a weird atmosphere.” It’s a great idea and would make up for the lack of Extraterrestrial games released in the last decade.

The mirror’s edge

ILuveMemes4Breakfast wants to see a movie adaptation of The mirror’s edge, a free-to-play game about a woman who evades government surveillance in a futuristic city. A Redditor suggested, “I think Mirror’s Edge could be cool if they find a way to make the world a good looking set. I’ve always thought it was an extremely enjoyable game.”

A The mirror’s edge the movie may be a little too late, as the original 2008 game capitalized on the popularity of parkour at the time, which has all but died out, except for the meme of The office. However, it’s still one of the most unique looking games of the 21st century and would make for an interesting aesthetic for a movie.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill is an iconic survival horror series and was already adapted into a film in 2006. Unfortunately, the film was not as faithful to the franchise and was universally panned. But Throwtheclownaway20 thinks the second game, the best game in the series, still has the potential to be a great movie.

The Redditor explains: “I want a disturbing, tense, weak action survival horror that ends with a dude talking to his bedridden dead wife on the roof. Want SH2 it’s 2 hours of horror and pain that audiences are still thinking about a week later.” A Silent Hill 2 the adaptation would leave the audience in splits as the horror is all psychological and the story is emotionally draining and by no means the simple torture film that the 2006 version is.


Mist is a classic puzzle video game that takes place across an island and players come across unusual things that lead to a bigger mystery. Infinitudity felt the game should be adapted into a film, believing it could create a “slow-burn mind-blowing fantasy that ties together the book series.”

The film adaptation will struggle to separate itself from Lost, which has such a similar concept, but all he has to do is glue the pad. This could lead to a major edge-of-the-seat mystery, and as the Redditor points out, it leads to an entire series of books based on the mystery that screams for a huge movie franchise à la Harry Potter.

Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer is one of the most unique racing games on the original PlayStation, as its futuristic-looking racetracks and amazingly designed vehicles are visual spectacles. Birdseedinthepark wants to see the non-story-based racer made into a movie, but it comes with an asterisk. Redditor wants “Ridge Racer with the original Techno soundtrack.

Ridge Racer may not have been the biggest box office success, as the subgenre of futuristic, neon-lit racing films has never done so well. Both Speed ​​Racer and Tron: Legacy had an underwhelming box office performance (via Box Office Mojo ), but there’s no denying how amazing they look and how mesmerizing they sound. These types of movies are absolute audio/visual experiences and Ridge Racer it would be no different.

God of War

Callmemacready wants to see a film adaptation of God of War, which fans have been craving for years. Redditor submits: “God of War, almost no dialogue, extreme violence, kind of like the episode of Primary when he fights the apes.” The film could be a raw and animalistic tale of revenge and Robert Eggers should direct the film.

like Metal Gear Solida God of War the project is currently in development on Amazon Prime Video, but not as a film. The epic and violent video game based on Greek mythology will be a series on the streaming service. But this is not a cause for concern. If The boys is any indication, Amazon won’t hold back on the blood and violence in the game, and it may turn out to be Amazon’s own Game of Thrones.


Flat_Foz_7318 wants to see a movie adaptation of Turok, the best humans vs dinosaurs video game. The Redditor admits, “I’m honestly surprised we didn’t get one Turok film.” A Turok a film adaptation would be like a crazy 80s movie Big Trouble in Little China. For some reason, there hasn’t been a renaissance of John Carpenter-esque action horror films, but there should have been.

Turok is the film that could usher in that renaissance, and it would be like James Cameron directing Jurassic Park. The director was competing with Spielberg for the rights, and he noted that his Jurassic Park it would be like aliens with dinosaurs. If this is the kind of movie Cameron wants to make, he can easily get the rights to it Turok and did just that.

Super Smash Bros.

This user believes that a Super Smash Bros. the gameplay can be fantastic and they even have their own take on the aesthetics of the film. The Redditor postulated, “I would like a Super Smash Bros. a film shot in the same spirit as Deadly Race or The condemned.“A Super Smash Bros. movie would be a licensing nightmare since it’s a crossover action game that features Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehogand dozens of other franchises.

Since different movie studios own the licensing rights to all the different video game properties, it’s almost impossible for the movie to ever happen. However, there is no doubt that it will set Mortal Kombat and every other tournament movie for shame if there ever was one.

Resident Evil

While so many video game movies have bombed at the box office, the Resident Evil the film series flopped upwards. Despite being critically injured and hated by gaming fans, the Resident Evil films have been wildly successful, with the series consisting of six blockbuster films and grossing over $1.2 billion in total (via Box Office Mojo).

However, a deleted user wants to see a more faithful adaptation of the source material, asking rhetorically, “I know it’s already been done, but can I get an actual good Resident Evil movie?” There is so much potential for great RE movie especially if Contagious evil 4 is adapted. Considering the Netflix original series flopped and won’t be renewed for a second season, it might be time to consider RE film strategy.

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