10 Alien Vs. Predator comics better than the movies

One of the most ambitious crossover titles ever, Alien vs. Predator combines two of the most iconic horror franchises ever made. However AvP is primarily known for its movies, the franchise actually started in comic book form six years before the first movie came out.

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As Marvel Comics rebooted both Predatorand Extraterrestrialcomics last September, speculation grew among fans that AvP comics could soon get similar treatment. Despite the terrible critical reception of both AvP movies put a seemingly permanent stain on the franchise, there are plenty of comics that are far better.

10 Humans and Yautjas joined forces in life and death

A four-issue series by Dan Abnett, Brian Albert Thies, and Rayne Berredo, Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death was one of the last AvP comics published by Dark Horse Comics before the rights to the franchise went to Marvel. The comic centers around a group of Yautja and Colonial Marines who join forces to fight against a massive hoard of Xenomorphs.

The story ends with an epic, action-packed battle with xenomorphs desperately fighting to reclaim something stolen from them. Part of the Life and death event, Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death was the culmination of three separate titles also written by Abnett.

9 Prey includes pirate predators

Originally printed as short serials for Previews magazine, Aliens vs. Predator: Prey is a one-shot comic by Barbara Kessel, Ron Randall, and Chris Challenor. A joint publishing effort by Dark Horse Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors, the story centers on a group of people posing as colonial marines.

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Fleeing on their ship after stealing a Xenomorph queen, the ship is suddenly attacked by two pirate predators who plan to take the queen for themselves. An important question in the timeline of Extraterrestrial comics, Loot is based on a story from one of the best Extraterrestrial comics ever created: Aliens: Labyrinth.

8 Deadliest of the Species takes place in the future

Another great one AvP comic book published by Dark Horse Comics, Alien vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species is a twelve-issue series by Chris Claremont, Jackson Guice, Eduardo Barreto, and Gregory Wright. Set after the human race breaks free from the Xenomorph hoard ruling the planet, the story follows Karin Delacroix, a genetically engineered wife created by a tech corporation.

A comic that stays true to the franchise, The deadliest of the species builds on themes previously introduced in both Extraterrestrial and Predator franchises; for example, greed and the suppression of human rights. The comic was re-released in trade paperback form in 1997, adding original alternate covers by comic book artist John Bolton.

7 The franchise began with Aliens Vs. Predator 1989

Published fifteen years before Paul WS Anderson came out Alien vs. Predator movie, Alien vs. Predator is a three-issue series by Randy Stradley, Phil Norwood, and Carl Storey. The first entry into Alien vs. Predator franchise, this comic is responsible for inspiring dozens of other comics and two major motion pictures.

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Set on a Yautja mothership, the story follows a group of Yautja who collect eggs from a kidnapped Xenomorph queen. Although this comic is notable for being the first piece of AvP media, he is also responsible for introducing many underappreciated aspects of Yautja scholarship.

6 Blood Time introduced Top Knot to the AvP franchise

Another great one AvP comic written by Randy Stradley, Alien vs. Predator: Blood Times is a comic short story with art by Phil Norwood and Frank Lopez. The story centers around Top Knot, a leader of the Yauja clan, who leads an initiation hunt with nine other Yauja.

As the hunt eventually becomes a personal battle between two Yautja rivals, the comic shows the complexity and extreme danger involved in hunting the Yautja. With his significant presence throughout the comic, Bloody times helped establish Top Knot as one of the greatest characters in Predator franchise.

5 War was the first epic saga in the franchise

A series of five issues, Alien vs. Predator: War was made by a huge creative team of Randy Stradley, Chris Warner, Mike Hanley, Jim Hall, Mark G. Heike and Chris Challenor. The story continues the adventures of Machiko Noguchi, one of the main characters from the original Alien vs. Predator comic, and Top Knot, one of the Yautjas from Alien vs. Predator: Blood Time.

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Effectively the culmination of these two stories, war delivers the incredible action on a grand scale that the franchise has become known for. Like very big Extraterrestrial and Predator comics published by Dark Horse Comics, war was adapted into a novel of the same name.

4 Eternal takes place in Tokyo

A four-issue series by Ian Edginton, Alex Maleev, Perry McNamee and Dan Jackson, Alien vs. Predator: Eternal was published in June 1998. Set in a futuristic Tokyo, the story follows a reporter named Becca McBride. On the brink of an important moment in her career, Becca investigates a man named Gideon Sun Lee who claims to be 700 years old.

According to Gideon, using the best Yautja technology as well as consuming Yautja flesh gave him the gift of eternal life. Like other comics on this list, Eternal does a great job of combining excellent action with the exploration of already established themes from Extraterrestrial and Predator movies.

3 Duel was the first AvP sequel comic

Published by Dark Horse Comics in March 1995. Alien vs Predator: Duel is a two-issue miniseries by Randy Stradley, Javier Saltares, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Jim Sinclair. The first one AvP comic to serve as a direct sequel, Duel follows a platoon of Colonial Marines responding to a distress call from the planet Ryushi.

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After investigating, the marines arrive at a colony called Prosperity Wells to find the entire place overrun with xenomorphs. Duel also includes characters that later appear in the aforementioned Alien vs. Predator: War

2 The Xenomorphs joined the Yautja forces in World War III

A six-issue series by Randy Stradley, Rick Leonardi, Mark Pennington, and Wes Dzioba, Alien vs. Predator: Three World War is among the most action-packed comics ever made. Released in June 2010, Three world wars served as a reboot of Dark Horse Comics Alien vs. Predator comics, starting the next era of the franchise after the release of the two films.

Featuring the return of Machiko Noguchi from Alien vs. Predator: War, the story follows a group of Colonial Marines who visit Noguchi with an offer to join their mission. Initially refusing, Noguchi reluctantly joins the team after seeing footage of the Yautja and Xenomorphs working together.

1 Fire And Stone is the ultimate AvP comic

Recognized by fans as the best Alien vs. Predator comic, Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone is a four-issue series by Christopher Sebela, Ariel Olivetti, and Nate Piekos. One of four titles in Dark Horse Comics Fire and stone event, Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone was released at the same time as Prometheus: Fire and Stone, Aliens: Fire and Stoneand Predator: Fire and Stone.

Set in the year 2219, it follows a group of mercenaries suddenly attacked by Eldon. As Elden unleashes a vast treasure trove of Xenomorphs on the mercenaries, a Yautja ship is drawn into the conflict, culminating in a chaotic three-way battle.

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